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Perfect Synonyms, Perfect Antonyms, Examples and Uses Of Perfect

Get Perfect Synonyms, Perfect Antonyms, Examples of Synonyms, Antonyms Of Perfect and Uses Of Perfect Synonyms, Perfect Antonyms.

Perfect Synonyms

In English grammar, perfect synonyms are very popular and perfect synonyms always asked in any exam of English grammar so you have to know the synonyms like these and antonyms are also. So we giving you some perfect synonyms and perfect antonyms.

If you have applied for exams like SSC, Railway and banking you must have come across these perfect synonym and other related terms. 

Perfect Synonyms 

  1. Excellent
  2. True
  3. Exact
  4. Precise
  5. Accurate
  6. Ideal

Perfect Antonyms

  1. horrible
  2. polluted
  3. flawed
  4. insufficient
  5. inferior
  6. poor
  7. second-rated
  8. untrue

Examples and Uses of Perfect Synonyms

Excellent is just another way of saying perfect. Examples may contain this is an excellent piece of advice you have given me for building my website. It’s truly said hard working people achieve great success. Exact 1000 people arrived the marriage hall.These are some uses of synonym of perfect.We are also providing you some antonyms for perfect.

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Example of Perfect Antonyms

Without makeup she was looking horrible. the water of river beside my home is polluted due to discharge of chemicals from the nearby hospital. There is  Insufficient balance in my PayPal account.

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