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10 Best Websites That Every Serious Programming learners Should Follow

These are the ones that we recommend every serious programming learners should subscribe to and they’re the ones that have helped many developers all over the globe to learn and grow.


Even skilled professionals still check these websites regularly every day to keep up with what’s happening in the scene. Now I’m gonna leap straight into it. Let’s just jump straight into it before we get started, I wanted to give you a sneak peek into something worth mentioning here.

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Our first item on our list here is Now just so you know I will link all of these in the list,but this one we should use. As the name illustrates is a website for developers and there are several cool kinds of stuff in here.

The articles and feed are generated based on the hashtags that you follow but on top of this, they’re also randomized to an extent that you’ll always see something fresh on the home page you can, of course, check out what’s trending over the week as well as the month and the year but on here and get to learn something new every single day.

These articles are posted focusing on essential things, developers trying to learn something new. Most of the topic comes with code and examples so whether you’re going in to learn JavaScript, redux or react or even if you just want to learn a new thing like maybe Python’s awards you can do so right there. They’ve got several things here you can do.

You can also find jobs on the website and can also check out some of the trending news as well as even get some cool merchandise as well.There’s a great community with a detailed discussion over topics. It’s similar to Reddit but a lot more support for developers. It’s worth checking out and if you haven’t heard of it before just visit and surely you’ll love it.

2. Hackernoon

Hackernoon Website

Hacker Noon is one of the prominent tech websites to learn about coding, blockchain, and startups. This is a website by developers, for developers and its focus is on talking about the journey that creators go to when they create their firms or learn things or freelance or try to create something successful.

They have amazing articles on how people can start their programming journey and everything with deep insight is shared which is cool you get to see the numbers and statistics behind people. They also have job board to hire people and can help you to prepare for your dream company.

You might like the interviews and podcasts that they do people like Tracy Chou from Gary Tan can give you his wisdom and experience over the years and lessons learned. Interviews are from industry leaders and entrepreneurs and it may help you in getting the real-world application of what you are learning.

3. Stackoverflow

Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers(1)

You as a developer can get inspired to create your own this next one we all know and love its Stackoverflow come and while we know that a lot of peoplemight not directly follow it. A lot of us do end up here whenever people are searching for a problem like even just trying to do something on a regex which is annoying as hell.

People use this website mostly in case if they are stuck in any programming solution. I’m looking for right here and the solution might be from back in 2013 or something like that. And the community is working hard to make it more reusable and robust.

4. Dev Docs

It’s just a great website so every developer, I’m sure ends up here at one point or another. Here is Dev Docs. is a website that is really for documentation and looking up the syntax, manuals and references for different front-end languages and libraries.


They have everything that you might want to know here. Stuff like for example beginner’s guides advanced topics for HTML, Javascript, Angular, Jquery or backbone.js. All of these are on here with examples, code and descriptions of how every one of these works. You can also search up everything from saying React to how to use React Hooks, Python Angular and more.

These guides are nice and simple to follow with code examples too. So it’s a place that I’ve just kept as a little bookmark for myself. Whenever I’m looking at maybe how to do that Redux function or for example how to put in that Hook that might have for a long time.


5. MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs

MDN web docs is a great website by Mozilla Firefox. It consist a variety of articles for learning Web development. All topics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are written in a well documented format. All articles on MDN docs are created by community and the company itself. They also regularly post blog articles with expert insights.     Their aim is not to take you from “beginner” to “expert” but from “beginner” to comfortable. And from there you can create your own way for web development.

6. Hashnode

Hashnode_ Everything you need to start blogging as a developer!

On number 3 we have Hashnode Hashnode is a free content creating a website, where developers publish their articles and grow their community.

Hash node is one of the fastest-growing networks of programmers with more than 500K+ monthly enthusiastic developers from 180+ countries all over the world.

 It shares top-quality tech articles on their website and helps developers to build their community.  Hashnode is a safer place where you can write articles, share your knowledge and ask a question with the programming community. 

7. Medium

Medium Where good ideas find you. is our seventh entry in this list. It’s a website which you’ve enjoyed for the high quality level of content they produce. There’s also a variety of content on here not just for developers but for designers, for people interested in Javascript or react and even just general development as well.


Development tools to make your work that little bit easier. If we check it out it’s got cool topics so that you can log into all your things at the same time or an SQL playground or SQL format. All of these things that we might use as a developer that we sometimes do the hard way there are little cool tips and tricks in here on how to just do it a little bit faster and easier even regex.


I’m sure we all love or hate regex but understanding it is like understanding a new language and this little calculator here already seems to do half of the automation for creating those little regular expressions.

8. Github

GitHub Blog - Updates, ideas, and inspiration from GitHub to help developers

Which something that I’ve included now there’s probably no way it without mentioning it here. As one of those top 10 websites, GitHub is just a code repository but it’s turning into so much more. There are some cool Github repositories on here for just information things like free resources for developers or designers.Things like compilations of the best tutorials and so much more even just being able to follow some of the people that go on here and mark star great GitHub repositories and checking out is always fun too. 

9. Glassdoor

Our ninth item and it’s a website that people recommend to visit is named Glassdoor.

It’s a website that doesn’t just post on the different types of job positions you might be able to apply for but also gives you anonymous reviews of different companies and people who work there. They’ll tell you about the interview process and what they went through so that you’ll know what to expect if you’re going in yourself. They’ll also give you maybe an estimate of what kind of money they were earning. There they can tell you how long they worked there and what type of maybe values and moral seach one of the companies had.

It gives you a better indication when you’re going to apply for a position. This is because sometimes transparency is hard to find and, the place just gives you a bit of additional insight into where you might be working in the future.

10. Reddit


Probably I wouldn’t have finished this list without at least mentioning Reddit one time. It’s our 10th item on our list and it’s a massive one. Simply because there are so many different subreddits that are existing on here for development. There is a web dev with over half a million members with lots of cool posts all the time but there are also other useful ones too.

There are web dev tutorials and here you’ll find tutorials on all sorts of things for example web development.We also have things like learning HTML or CSS or Javascript and lots more as well we also have ones here. For say front-end, you’re learning howto do CSS or HTML in general as well as other subreddits that you might find like learn programming which is also a broadband useful one if you’re starting all of these places. You can share and talk to the community to get your knowledge for web dev and as a developer.

Final Thoughts

These are just the top 10 websites that we follow as a developer but I’m sure you have your own. I’d love to hear what you say so leave in the comments below and I’ll be checking those out otherwise, I hope you guys enjoyed this article. 

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