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I am Dev Raj Singh, the proud creator of The Yuvas. A full-stack developer, software engineer, blogger, and dedicated learner, I thrive on bringing ideas to life through technology.

Having crafted numerous websites with cutting-edge technologies, I’m deeply passionate about learning and implementing the latest trends.

If you’re a student, our team is dedicated to supporting you in your learning journey and exam preparation.

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Dev Raj Singh
The Yuvas

Why The Yuvas?

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In collaboration with my brother, an enthusiastic teacher and electrical engineer, we founded this community. His expertise and my dedication led to the creation of essential exam content, expanding our user base.

Today, we serve a community of over 10,000 students in India. Our content primarily focuses on competitive exams, providing tools for maximizing potential and enhancing coding knowledge.


Prioritizing the youth, or ‘yuvas’, and recognizing education as a potent weapon against unemployment is imperative. Infusing education with the force of technology is vital for ensuring quality learning. This very principle fuels my dedication to TheYuvas, where we strive to empower through tech-enhanced education.

I specialize in catapulting small businesses into the online sphere, enabling them to flourish as local enterprises with the boundless potential of the Internet. Whether it’s website design, technical web gear, or technology-driven learning, I’m eager to collaborate. Additionally, I’m at your service for expert SEO guidance. Let’s elevate your online presence together!

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