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Hi, I am Dev Raj Singh, founder of TheYuvas. I am a web developer, digital marketer, blogger and  Entrepreneur.

My interest in website development has made me create countless websites using the latest technologies. I grew up in Rajgir and moved to Kolkata for my college degree. Learning,
exploring and applying things are my inner interest. Though,  I like to visit places and meeting people. 

If you are a student our team is motivated to help you to provide required assistance on learning and enhancing your preparation. 

Feel free to reach me. I’d be happy to help you. 



Why The Yuvas?

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I set the community with my brother Abhishek Raj – an enthusiastic teacher and electrical engineer from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. In his collaboration, I started creating exam essential content and expand our user base. 

We have a user base of 10, 000+ students from India, our content are mostly related to competitive exams, tools for which students can maximize their potential and coding knowledge for students.  



It is important to think for ‘youth’ or ‘yuvas’ and education is only a tool by which we can beat unemployment. Giving education the power of technology is important for quality learning. And this is also the main motivation, I’m working for TheYuvas. 

I assist small businesses to get online presence and helped many of them to grow as a local enterprise with the superpower of the Internet. I’d be happy to work with you for website designing, technical web gear and technology-based learning. I am also available to help you with SEO.

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