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7 Tips To Study at home during Corona Virus Pandemic

Tips for students during Coronavirus lock down that can help students and educators to keep learning with social distancing.


By Dev Raj Singh

Here are tips to study at home during Corona Virus pandemic

Here are some useful tips
on how you can study effectively while you are at home by keeping in
tune with social distancing, whatever your situation might be..


7 Tip For Coroanavirus

“ 7. Tips for Study at home during coronavirus outbreak Perfect and tested tips for study at home During Coronavirus Outbreak. Stay at Home save Live and Keep Healthy,\    ”

1. Set A perfect goal

Set Goal


This is exam season when everyone was preparing for their exam the world came under different problem.The problem caused by the Corona virus Pandemic.

When the situation will be under control everyone is expected to directly face their exam. This is the perfect time to plan your study to score well in the exam.

While it’s good to have a general daily routine, but it can be flexible in nature. Give appropriate time for your study and sleep well.

Research Shows that many of students and teens are sleep-deprived. Having at least 7 hours of sleep is recommended.

Taking regular brake between study is is good for refreshment

If you create a specific strategy to crack your exam, then this time is scoring for you. Before starting anything you need to make an achievable study plan and when you are end up by your study you can easily analyze how much you have achieved, by the end of the week.

If you plan to study for 6 hours a day at the end of the day you will notice you have not gained more, you may fall short and lose motivation.

Instead of planning only time you can set your project and also its deadline. Ankit Sets his plan of 3 hours per day for chemistry and and target to complete 4 chapters a week.This is the eagle plan and in fact it is not cumbersome too.

If students set small goals, it will help them to clear the targeted syllabus and boosts their confidence.

Following this eagle plan technique he can finish his revision in two or Three weeks.

Read some of our study and time management tips to help determine a manageable study schedule.

So working on a managed time table is preferable.

2. Pursue your Passion

Study During Corona Virus

This is the good time for the students to pursue their interest. It is time to plan new course.

During this pandemic there is opportunity for the students to plan for the new courses.

If it is something you are truly interested, you won’t have to loose time. There are large number of courses on the Udemy, Coursera, Youtube, EDX and several many platform where you can start free or paid courses. These courses are going to make a boost in your CV.

Here is the tips from me find a couple of courses that works for you it can be either learning piano lessons, cooking, programming, Mathematics,Hand Crafting, or just anything of your interest and need.

Prioritize your personal greatest need and then your biggest interest or passion which is were unable to follow due to shortage of time.


3. Carve out a Clean and designated place for study

Keeping a separate study place is good for your study and it will keep you out of all destruction. Separate study place may help you to stay focus and dedicated during study. Make Sure the place is clean, calm and clutch-free.

Clean your Table, desk and everything regularly , it will not only keep you stay away from the disease, it will help you to feel focused and motivated during your study.


4. Create A learning Environment

Make Use Of the online resources available to you.

If you can learn better in groups, try a Zoom study session with a fellow classmate. This is a good option for you. Plan a zoom meeting with your classmates or your colleague. Instructors these days trying to solve the distance learning problem through zoom session or Youtube live streaming both of these are good for crating a study environment.

Google Classroom is also an useful resource by which you can collaborate with your class.People can Share Notes Lecture Join The Chat with other to keep their study going.

5. Make Yourself out of destruction

It the bitter possibility that at the end of these shutdown when people start analyzing what they have learnt in this long corona virus pandemic lock down most of them will face loss of time. This is the good opportunity , if you keep yourself out of all destruction – it will make you unique from others. You will have the strength of extra and smart study of 2 to 3 month which is much more to score well in the renowned exams like jee main , NEET, SSC and many others.

Stay away of the noise of TV and many household gadget. It is quite obvious if you are with your family members during study time you may not utilize most of it. If you’re finding it difficult to focus and stay at study take a short break and enjoy some refreshment.

6. Relieve your Stress

In this coronavirus outbreak, it is not safe to go out to entertain yourself. Spending quality time with family members will help you to relieve stress.So by listening to music, learning to cook and working on your hobbies can relive their stress.

7. Review Your Assigned Work

Review your study

Reviewing your study is a way say revise everything what you have learnt at the end of the day.Practicing on the syllabus exercise is works fine and keep everything remind.You Can make Some Cards and at the end of the day you can pen down what you have completed at end. It is a perfect plan to set the next day strategy accordingly In order to motivate students, it is important to assign some work to students, Keep its record and plan for next day.


Stay Healthy Keep Motivated and please Don’t go out of your house.Follow These plan these are working fine for many. Hope this will work for you. Spend your precious time and plan your day smartly. If you have any follow up question don’t forget to mention in the comment below. What is your strategy for these day answer in comment?

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