Differences between Java and Javascript

What is the Difference Between Java and Javascript?

What is the difference between java and javascript? Difference between Java and Javascript syntax and all other basic programming structures. We will also know which one is best for to start career.

what is the differences between java and javascript

What is the difference between java and javascript?

People new to programming generally get confused with the name Java and JavaScript because there is a similarity between both the names.

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Java is available as a prefix in both. Having exploration similarity in the names, there is always a confusion that they may be interrelated with each other. But my friend there is nothing like interrelation between both of them are entirely different languages, build for different purposes.

People use both Java and JavaScript for a variety of different goals in programming. JavaScript is mainly used for web page rendering, you can also shout a browser-specific language.

On the other hand, Java helps you to create a program that runs on entirely every platform. You might know a popular verse by Java “Write once, run anywhere“.

There’s also a difference between Java and JavaScript syntax. 

Java vs Javascript

Here you can get the difference between Java and JavaScript. Both of these two emerging technologies are discussed in details. 


JavaScript is a scripting (programming) language, that is mostly used for web-related stuff. With the help of JavaScript, you can create dynamically auto-updating contents.

You can have better control over elements rendered, creating animated graphics and giving life to the web pages. You can also develop browser specific games. Learn on – Rock, Paper, Scissors Python game . We often call JavaScript as JS which has emerged from ECMAScript.

JavaScript supports dynamic typing prototype-based, object-oriented features and first-class functions. JavaScript is one of the core technology of the Worldwide Web. 

JavaScript is everywhere

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language and it is exponentially developing the uses. So many new tools with JavaScript flipping in the market. It is essential to think about becoming a JavaScript expert. 

According to the StackOverflow developer survey of 2020, JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages increasingly from last 8 years.

The language is currently used by 94.5 per cent of all websites as a client-side language but it is also emerging its base in the server-side programming language.

Node.js helps you to use JavaScript is a server-side programming language. JavaScript is also constantly being used in the market for creating Native mobile applications to react native and ionic. People can also use it for creating a desktop application and GUIs. 


Java is also an important programming language developed by James Gosling by one of the best-known companies Sun Microsystems.


So, it is normally developed for interactive televisions but gradually it is finding its use in the cable television industry, desktop applications, mobile applications and operating any type of hardware devices.


It was started as an “Oak” project” goal to implement virtual machines that are much simpler than C and C++.

Difference Detween Java and JavaScript?

The writing and enactment of both Java and JavaScript are different. Each of them has a different capability of doing. Java is also used as an alternative to flash on the other hand JavaScript can be used to manipulate HTML. Since we already understand the different uses of Java and JavaScript, it is worth pointing out Java is primarily used for server-side development while JavaScript is used for developing interactive client-side scripting functionalities. Here are some key difference between Java and JavaScript
Java JavaScript
Java is a compiled programming language.  JavaScript supports just-in-time compilation available feature. Codes are compiled during execution i.e at runtime execution happens for JavaScript codes.
Applications created on Java run on virtual machines and browser JavaScript browser-specific scripting language. So JavaScript and only run on browsers. 
Like C/ C++ Java is a strongly typed language. So you must declare a variable before its uses in the program. So in the same way during the time of compilation, the type of variable is checked by the compiler.  JavaScript is a “weakly typed” or “untyped” language. JavaScript programs conclude types of data whether it is an integer, string, float or other data type.
Java program uses more memory JavaScript runs in web pages it requires less memory. 
The program file of Java as an extension of “.Java”. Java code is translated into machine code or bytecodes which are executed by JVM (Java Virtual Machine) The file extension of JavaScript is “.js”, which is interpreted by the browser. So every browser has an interpreter to execute JavaScript codes.

Similarities Between Java and Javascript

So these were the difference between Java and JavaScript. But the similarity between Java and JavaScript is that both of them are profitable programming language to start a new career. Learn coding from Codecademy pro – here is the complete codecademy pro review.

Starting learning programming language by the new technologies one can have a fair choice for building a strong foundation in programming. Java and JavaScript programmer has many new profitable job opportunity in the market. Starting to learn Programming, Learn C programming for building strong foundation through hard way. Get the C programming for absolute begineers guide.

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