How Long Does It Take To Learn Coding?

How long does it take to learn coding

How long does it take to learn to code, explaining simply, the more you learn the better coder you will be. It also depends on your consistency.

In coding Bootcamps, it usually takes 3 to 6 month to teach fundamentals of any programming language, in the self-learn coding method you can accomplish it in 1 year with sufficient practice and in Computer Science degree it takes 4 years to finalize the degree program.

To be comfortable in logic building and problem-solving, it is important to learn the fundamentals of coding, applying algorithms and data structures. If any question arises you can ask in our active comment.

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So, I have classified the phase of learning coding, but before going there it is important to speculate why do you want to learn to code? 

Programming involves many career paths like web development, mobile application development, UI/UX Data Science etc but narrowing down yourself is a good and fastest way to be a profitable programmer.

Why do you want to learn to code?

There can be immense various motives, why do you want to learn to code. Before starting the coding journey, it is important to have real motivation so that you can be enthusiastic and focused on working towards the learning process.

First of all, you have to think about you. You go to think about what motivates you to learn to code? Why do you want to do this and why are you learning programming, like what it is going to do for you. 

It might be like:

  • You’re gonna going to get a better paying job
  • You just hate your current job, and you want to do something that you enjoy, like programming.
  • You want to start your own business, and you need the skill to sell your products.

So desire and faith is what drives you to learn to code, write it down on a  piece of paper and make a clear reason about why do you want to learn to code.

Stick it the wall and see it every day or comment in the box below so that other people can cheer you up and you can get motivated and can motivate others.

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Benefits of learning coding:

Computer science engineers are in great demand. By learning to code you can have various career opportunities like you can start freelancing as an extra source of income, get a job in a good company as a web developer, project manager, application developer, software engineer and IT technician etc. 

A career in programming and Computer Science have great earning potential. According to Indeed, the national average salary for a computer programmer is $60,547 per year.

Here’s is the list of National average salary for various computer science programming jobs

  • Web developer – Salary: $74,720 per year
  • Project manager – Salary: $82,795 per year
  • Application developer – Salary: $89,336 per year
  • Software engineer – Salary: $106,462 per year
  • It technician – Salary: $76,458 per year

But more important than it, coding is not a subject to teach in the classroom. It is more than thinking, exploring and enhancing than learning. I have listed some best Python tutorials for beginners to get a job.

Before jumping to learn to code, you should prepare a master plan for a better approach by which you can learn coding to be a successful programmer.

Here’s the detailed course for coding interview that helped people to get job in biggest tech companies around the world like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, UNIQLO etc.

👉 Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms 👈

How long does it take to learn coding to get a job?

To get a job you are not only asked questions related to any programming language like C, C++, Java, Python etc. You also require skill to develop applications and software projects, having a good hold on data structures and algorithms and fundamentals of operating systems and compilers.

The overall clue is to work on enriching your portfolio to be ready to get the job. Here’s the legendary python game Rock Paper Scissors in Python. You must have development as well as problem-solving skills. Also checkout how you can build your career in Python?

You wish to learn to code, let’s think you want to learn cooking. You can learn to cook some normal dishes like bread, rice, pasta, noodles in almost 2 to 3 days.

But as much you cook the better chief you will be. You must have a clear picture of species and stuff, that has to do with flavour and health. You know cooking cheese, but trying different dishes with that you can cook mushroom Mac and first cheese, French onion soup with cheese, cheese Fondue, Savory corn traits. Even you can perform your experiment to invent some dishes made of cheese.

Learning to code is a lifelong process, but one year is a perfect period to boost your performance in one tech. Now I think it is clear that the more you practice as much you can develop problem-solving ability in code and the approach to a master real-world problems with codes. You can know about best website for programmers.

Set a daily goal of learning the lingo and enhancing your approach to solve problems. Learning the programming language from novice to advanced level requires at least 3 months of coding where you learn the syntax, practice concepts and make exciting projects in the language. 

Ways to learn to code:

Coding does not impose a degree in Computer Science but it is a sharp point for you if you have. Aspirants can also pick up online coding courses with self-learning study materials, having the benefit of learning at their own pace from their place of comfort. But it depends on people how they want to begin with learning. 

There are three options available where you can be proficient in coding.

  • Learn Coding with a computer science degree program
  • Joining Bootcamp
  • Self-learners

Learn To Code Through A Degree Program

Earlier employees needed to have at least a bachelor degree in computer science to get a job in ITs and software companies. The provision in the recruitment process is changing overtime. It is now a belief that coding is a practical skill different from classroom learning. 

Joining the computer science degree program is expensive and so the bootcamp, learn with codecademy, here is the complete codeacademy pro review.

But the bachelor degrees also I have a reasonable base in building a strong core in coding and computer fundamentals. There you’ll learn hardware and software, operating systems, electrical and digital technologies and mathematics. 

When you attend a degree program, though you encircle yourself with like-minded, motivated people who can help you both during the program and for years to come—and whom you will be able to support as well.

Learners get an environment of companionship with people in the same course, participate in a way of learning, get a good chance for practising and also get the advantages to be trained under experts in the field.

A proper discussion over the topic, detailed understanding of theoretical topics like algorithm, operating system, DBMS etc are also plus points.

Learning to code by joining boot camps and certification programs

If a four-year bachelor degree program is not an option for you you can go with short certification courses in computer science and programming languages. 

My advice would be to attend a boot camp because they offer a structured curriculum, mentors, dedicated learning time, collaboration and networking between students.

There is a broad range of options available including online courses in various fields like machine learning, web development, data science. It doesn’t matter in which course you are to what you are pursuing, whether you are in a job or student. You will get a preset curriculum, structured course for short term learning focused on the particular leader that you are joining. It helps to land high paying tech job at few bucks. 

Self-learning route to learning Coding

There is also an alternative to self learn coding, many software developers have chosen. In the process, you will learn on your own by using online and offline resources. This process requires more dedication and you must have to set weekly or daily goals. 

 I’ve broken down the process into five processes of self-taught coding.

  1. Pick the field you are interested in
  2. Make a list of online and offline resources 
  3. Dedicate time to learn
  4. Do projects 
  5. Networking

Once you figure out what you have to learn, you have a list of resources available to you. You can start learning the course and revise it regularly. 

In self learn programming method you need to:

  1. Be consistent – Once you have set the routine for yourself, it is important that you have to be consistent in learning. Learning three hours a day is better than learning 18 hours in one day and leaving it for a week. There is not any hard and fast rule of how many hours does it take to learn to code. Once you have set the time to study you have to consistently study, do revisions, practice questions, and continuing the process is quite important. 
  2. Set goals – Once you set the goals you are in the right phase to accomplish what you are trying to achieve. In simple mathematics, the straight line is the shortest possible path. The same applies here in learning to code. If you set a weekly goal you are in a straight way of achieving your targets. 
  3. Stay focused – It is also important to stay focused and motivated. Remember what drives you to learn to code. If you set a small and achievable goal, you never lose motivation. There is no hurry to complete the code. The mind works productivity when you are not under stress. 

How to learn coding in 3 months

3 months is a perfect period to learn a programming language and be comfortable in writing codes and building logics.

You can also accept a hundred days of coding challenges where you publicly mention your performance of each day. 

How can you proceed with a hundred days of coding? First, make your strategy for the next 100 days by clearly illustrating your goal for the challenge. Suppose you want to learn web development with python.

So first outline your syllabus, the goal should be accessible within a hundred days so that you get time to practice and save for yourself also. Rather you can also join 100 days of python on Udemy – A well-structured course from beginner to advanced for complete 100 days also works on building projects to showcase in your resume. 

Start taking notes

While learning to code, taking notes is crucial while learning the programming language their’s lot of new concepts you come to know. According to Learning Solutions forgetting curve, people forget 50 to 60% in a day and 90% in a week.

So it is important to take notes. To have a visual understanding of what you have learnt, writing syntax on notepad works better, also it is important to arrange data and resources when you have very few hours to study and do it quick revision. It was better when you are preparing for an exam or coding jobs.

Best courses to learn coding fast

So now you have decided you want to learn to code, to learn the course you can either go for learning an individual programming language or can join the complete course required in your field of interest. After having a lot of research, I have mentioned the best courses for you to learn to code fast.

I have taken into consideration of major key aspects required to learn code like duration of the course, curriculum, job opportunities and effectiveness. Some of these are free and available on YouTube and others are paid courses but worth your every penny spent on these courses.

Complete web development by Angela Yu is one of a highly rated course for web development. There you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other JavaScript related frontend and backend Technology like React, Express and Mongo DB. It starts from a very beginner level and takes you to be stable in web development. 

CS50 web development with Python and JavaScript – The Course by Harvard University CS50 takes the approach to teach web development with Python and starts with how the internet works, front end with HTML CSS and JavaScript, backend development using flask and Django. This course is also available on YouTube for free but if you want to certificate you need to purchase it on edx. 

Mastering data structure and algorithm using C and C++ by Abdul Bari is filmed with 53 hours of online lecture covering each topic of data structures in great detail. Students preparing for the coding interview can take this course and start working on their problem-solving ability. The prerequisite of the course is C and C++. 

On YouTube, Udacity and other online learning platforms you can find plenty of courses for individual programming languages and complete series on the field you want to study so that you can start coding easily. Go for one that suits you well, also read the review, the judge before joining the course by any means possible because at the end you are giving time that is more valuable than money. 

So, It was complete information on how you can make a better study plan to learn to code fast. One word answer to this question is making the habit to code every day. Not necessarily hours of coding gives value but consistency is important. Comment your commitment for learning to code, and also why do you want to learn coding. Maybe people here can help you better. 

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How many hours does it take to learn to code?

3 hours a day for 100 days teach you coding in a particular programming language. After it you can learn DS and Algorithm, also improve portfolio and practice online.

Can you teach yourself to code?

There are many great programmers by self-taught coding method. They taught themself to code, it requires hard work, perseverance and dedication. If you go by proper plan you can learn and crack the coding interview.

Do self taught programmers get hired?

Yes. Self taught programmers need to work more on improving their portfolio work on building something, say anything and maintain the consistency.

Happy Coding! 

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