Air Force Group X Y Salary, Promotion, Allowance and Other Benefits

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This article provides all information on Air force Group X Y Salary, promotions, job profile and other benefits and so you can expect about the life of an Indian Air force X Y group airmen. You will truly inspired with the information you get here to ace your preparation for this job.

Air force group X Y Exam is dream of many Indian students who want to join defense services and serve their country. The spirit to work for the nation and engage into Armed forces lifestyles is the reason why you should join Indian Air Force.

Airforce Group X Y Salary

We have also discussed the complete details on Air force exam and salary to stay inspired to achieve success by having a better preparation strategy.

Yet another motivation is the pay scale and promotion. Here is another article for air force group X Y syllabus and exam details.

The complete details on Air Force Group X Y salary, basic pay and benefits are discussed below. In this job, employees are known as Airman.

Air Force Group X Y Salary 2021

After completing the selection process of Airman Group X’ and ‘Y’ by the IAF , they are subjected to send for training. During training period stipend of Rs. 14,000 rupees is given to both Airman Group X and Y.

After completing the training Rs 33,100/- per month is given to the Airman Group X and Rs 26,900/- per month is given to the Airman Group Y.

Salary of Air Force X Y Group officer based on pay

Below table shows the salary in detail for all posts candidates join in air force by passing airforce x y group exam.

The rank of Airmen (Promotional Vertical)Pay Matrix LeveStarting Basic Pay. ScaleMilitary Service Pay (MSP)
Aircraft man3Rs 21700Rs 5200
Leading Aircraftsman3Rs 21700Rs 5200
Corporal4Rs 25500Rs 5200
Sergeant5Rs 29200Rs 5200
Junior warrant officer6Rs 35400Rs 5200
Warrant officer7Rs 44900Rs 5200
Master warrant officer8Rs 47600Rs 5200

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After joining Air force as an Airman candidates get lot more opportunities. Various promotions exams are to be held internally for the promotion.

Indian Air force X Y Group Job Profile 2021

In Indian Air Force Group ‘X’ Employees work in the technical department and Air Force Group ‘Y’ Employees work in Non-technical department or other than the technical department.

Various posts of technical trade in Group X  are given below:

Fitters :

  • Airmen
  • Weapon
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Propulsion 
  • Automobile 
  • Workshop

In Group ‘Y’ the posts of Non-technical trade is given below :

Assistant :

  • Accounts
  • Administrative
  • Operational
  • Medical
  • Logistic
  • Metrological
  • Environmental support service
  • Ground training instructor
  • IAF police age security

It provides various career opportunity for the Airmen. The salary is quite good and there are many scopes for promotion also. We have also provided air force Group X syllabus and Group Y syllabus to get started.

Salary and Promotions of Air Force X Y​ Group Officers

Get salary information on official website of air force online portal.

IAF promotion policy based on the following :

  1. Annual Appraisal Report (AAR /AR/ACR):- The promotion of airmen based on annual appraisal report (AAR).
  2.  Promotion exam:- Promotion exam is conducted to ensure the performance on air force law, administration and military history other than the professional knowledge.
  3. Necessary recruitment for promotion based on minimum service:-According to the necessary recruitment for promotion based on minimum service, the airmen to master warrant officer post can be achieved.

The minimum length of service from airmen to master warrant officer journey are explained below:-

RankMinimum service length(in years)
Leading aircraft to Corporal5
Corporal to Sergeant13.5
Sergeant to junior Warrant officer17
Junior warrant officer to Warrant officer23
Warrant officer to Master warrant officer28

Airmen Group X and Y Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Air Force Group X and Y exam are very quick and transparent. It takes only 8 months from registration to join. Let’s see how to join indian air force after 12th. This video discuss on details about Air force X Y group Exam

The whole selection process is divided into three processes:-

  1. Written exam
  2. Physical fitness and group discussion exam
  3. Medical exam

1. Written exam for Indian Air force Airmen

In Air force group X Y  written exam, all questions are objectives type.

All subjects have individual timings i.e. if English started the first then you have allotted 20 minutes for this subject only then after the break of four to five minutes, another paper will be displayed on your computer screen.

The level of questions is very easy and based on your 11th and 12th standard for group X. English will be same for both group X and Group Y. Group Y candidate has also to appear for reasoning ability and general aptitude (RAGA) exam.

Air force X group  syllabus consists of English, Physics and Maths and air force Y group syllabus has English and RAGA.

Air Force Syllabus for Group X and Y

Group ‘X’Group ‘Y’Group ‘XY’

Marks Distribution And Time Limit

SubjectMarksTime (in minutes)

2. Physical fitness and group discussion exam for Indian Air force airmen

After qualifying in the written exam you will be eligible for physical fitness and group discussion exam.

The reporting time will be early in the morning at about 6 o’clock.

After feeling the consent form for Indian air force group X and Y, first, you have to appear in 1600 meter running, push up, squat up and seat up respectively.

If you are not able to qualify then you will be disqualified at that very moment and you will be returned from there i.e. if you do not qualify in running then you will be returned from there and you will not able to participate in a push-up, seat up and square up and the rest whole process.

Physical fitness test consisting of four parts:-

  1. Run: 1600m in 6:30 min.
  2. Push up:10
  3. Seat up:10
  4. Squat up:20

After qualifying this all four steps you will be e eligible for Adaptability I and Adaptability II test.

Adaptability I test: English language and situation reaction test (SRT) test to be taken. In situation reaction test there are 45 questions which are very easy and you have to answer according to your perception.

For example: If you find a snake in your way then what will you do:-

  1. Kill them
  2. Flush-up
  3. Catch properly and leave into the jungle
  4. Calling someone to kill the snake

From the above example, you can see that no one options are correct or incorrect absolutely. Every option has different wattage. So in this test examiner only test your quick action about any situation.

This exam is very simple and about 95 – 100 % student get qualified. If you follow the proper guideline and attempt all the questions then you will certainly qualify.

After qualifying in Adaptability I test you will be eligible for Adaptability II test.

Document verification also is done on the same day. If someone fails to bring some essential certificate then some times also are given to them to submit their required documents to the near AFC or any  AFC on limited dates.

For group discussion, candidates divided into subgroups consisting of 14 to 15 members in a group. They are arranged in a semi-circular manner according to their chest number wise. Two or three officers are there for guidance and examine the group discussion of the candidate.

Each candidate of the group having the same topic for the group discussion. Before the starting of group discussion, the officers tell about the process, instruction and guideline for the group discussion.

One minute is given to each candidate for their brief introduction and the topic. After completing this, 10-15 min. given for the whole group for the group discussion.

What quality is seen in the candidate during the group discussion?

Ans:- i. Reading ability. 

  1. Body language

  iii. Co-operation

  1. Communication skills
  2. Group Initiating tendency
  3. Leadership Quality

3. Medical Test For

After qualifying in physical fitness and group discussion exam, admit card for the medical exam will be issued on the same day. Some instruction regarding medical exams  in air force group X Y Exam is also given. 

What is tested during the medical fitness

  • Urine test RE/ME
  • Blood test, TLC and DLC
  • Another type of medical test conducted like blood sugar cholesterol and PP, serum cholesterol, urea uric acid and creatinine, LET-serum bilirubin, SGOT and SGPT.
  • X-ray chest ( PA view)
  • ECG of candidates(R)
  • Test of check of action of narcotic drugs hands psychotropic substance abuse on the body of the candidate
  • All other tests that can create suspense on the medical officer want to be confirmed about the candidates.

After testing all these things green cards are distributed to those candidates who are medically fit and red cards are distributed to those candidates who are medically unfit.

If any candidate with a red card is not satisfied then he can also claim for medical.

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