Best Data Structures and Algorithm Books

Data Structures and Algorithm

Algorithms are basically the tools used for developing and improving your programming skills and sense of coding. Algorithms hold the power of converting a normal code into any language, as per the programmer’s wish.

There are plenty of programmers or developers out there in the tech world who have an excellent knowledge of specific programming languages but when it comes to the knowledge of algorithms and data structure, very few developers have a good hold on DS and Algo, which is really a not good thing for a developer’s personality. Such people sometimes forget about the long-term benefits of data structures and algorithms that will help them in improving their coding skills.

Have you ever wonder how you find your friends so easily on Instagram or Facebook with just a single search or how do you get the recommendations of all the latest movies or web series from your Netflix?

Well, here as well, algorithms are behind all of these. Machine Learning Algorithms are used for all such things, which proofs that the use of algorithms is everywhere.  

Some new programmers or developers also think that those you want to join top companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, the need to learn Algorithms and Data Structures are only for them, but they forget that many programming languages can come and go but the core of programming, which is Algorithm and Data Structure is forever timeless.

Best Data Structures And Algorithm Books

So, if you are really serious about programming and want to make a bright career in that, you can’t miss out on learning Algorithms and Data Structures. There are many splendid books available in the market for learning Algorithms and Data Structures, some of them are:

Algorithm Design by Kleinberg & Tardos

This book is considered one of the best books for Algorithms. It is ideal for those who have prior knowledge of the basics of algorithm designing because it’s not an introduction to algorithms.

So, after learning properly about the introduction and basics of the algorithm, you definitely should go for this book. You can buy this book from Amazon for 850 INR.

The Algorithm Design Manual by Steve S. Skiena

This is an amazing book on computer algorithms that is very easy to follow and has code written in C language. You can get plenty of algorithms in this book along with their codes. Even the author has given some real-time examples of where you can use all the algorithms. You can buy this book from Amazon at 2,500-3,000 INR.

Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen

This is another one of the best and the most popular algorithm books. The latest edition of this book 3rd with a lot of theory. I suggest you take any normal course of algorithms along with this book as it is difficult to study this book in one and it will also help you clear all your doubts and other concepts easily. I strongly recommend this book to all developers who really want to gain an excellent knowledge of algorithms and data structures. You can buy this book from Amazon for 1,500-2,000 INR.

Data Structures and Algorithms. Aho, Ullman & Hopcroft

It is a fantastic introductory book on data structures and algorithms. If you are someone who doesn’t like mathematical algorithms, then this book could be an ideal pick for you. You can buy this book from Amazon for 1,500-2,000 INR.

Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava

This is the simplest book on algorithms, especially from a beginner’s point of view. It has real-life examples of algorithms and problems based on that, which makes this book a perfect pick. You can also find many diagrams in this book that arouse the interest of the readers to read it and they also learn the concepts quicker. You can buy this book from Amazon for 1,950 INR.

  • Algorithms in a Nutshell

O’Reilly’s Algorithms, in a Nutshell, is very good, especially for Java Programmers for learning algorithms. This book has pictures, pseudo-codes, very little use of mathematics, and working codes in C, C++, Java, and Ruby, which makes this book a classic book on algorithms. You can buy this book from Amazon for 3,699 INR.

Algorithm for Interviews by Adnan Aziz

This book is a must-have book on algorithms for developers, which is written in keeping the interview questions and ambiance in mind. It has a unique approach to solving problems, which makes it a perfect interview book on algorithms. You can buy this book from Amazon for 1,000-1,500 INR.

The Design and Analysis of Algorithms by Anany Levitin

Again, this book is one of the must-have books for a programmer. If you have a good grip over the basics of algorithms, then you can surely go for this book for studying the advanced topics further. You can buy this book from Amazon for around 1,000 INR.

Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick & Kevin Wayne

This book is a great pick for Java developers. By this book, you can a lot about various backgrounds of algorithms, and this book is also available in different programming languages like Java and C++. You can buy this book from Amazon for around 1,000 INR.

Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach by Udi Manber

This book is specially written to enhance the reader’s coding and problem-solving skills. Also, it is full of hundred of problems along with their examples, which makes it easy to understand the fundamental concepts behind the algorithms. You can buy this book from Amazon for 1,000-1,500 INR.

Nobody can deny that algorithms come under a complex part of programming but once you start learning and understanding algorithms, then you can see a gradual change in your thinking, coding, and problem-solving skills, which will really br going to help you in a long run in your career.

Final Words

Programming is the new ongoing trend in the tech world, which will surely remain on top in the coming years. But, to learn something new, you always need to start from the roots or the core part of it. So, for programming, an algorithm is the core part one should learn first.

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