Graphy Review 2022: Features, Pricing & Demo

Graphy Review

Graphy Review

In this post I’ll provide you complete review of Graphy platform where you can create and sell your online courses .

What is Graphy?

Graphy helps creators to create custom courses, build no-code website. It is an online platform by unacademy for creators to grow their audience, monetize their skills, and host live courses on their platform without any hassle.

This is a platform where people will get an opportunity to showcase their talent.

In this era there are many technologies are emerging, and which increase the demand for Techstarts and coders to show their skills, and it also brings a good requirement for new companies to get websites and other domains easily, so that companies can also generate more employment easily.

Graphy Reivew 2022

The best thing about graphy is, it also brings a variety of features if you want to teach a course. There are platforms in graphy which is related to multimedia, branded website, marketing etc.

The pricing of this platform are also not that much high. The basic course stars at the rate of Rs 2,999/month, we will discuss this thing later on. This site is trustable as it is backed by unacademey. Now we will discuss the best part of this website is the features of this website:


  1. You can create unlimited courses.
  2. Unlimited video and storage.
  3. 1 admin account.
  4. Common android or ios app.
  5. Website – powered by graphy.

How To Create Courses on Graphy

In this  platform, you can create your own course and you can give your learners the best experience of learning new things, and there will be no hassle of technologies, any one who wishes to teach can easily teach on this website.

You can easily drag and drop course builder to upload multimedia course content. You can add various pdfs, quizzes, live classes and much more.

  • You can schedule the course as you like, you can offer live courses or release chapters on your schedule.
  • The course is piracy free and it is safe and secure content to learners.
  •  You can host live sessions, live classes with advance features.
  • You can also launch your website and mobile app.
  • There will be no graphy branding anywhere.
  • You can create your own beautiful website through this platform.
  • The website can be created very easily, any beginner can create it. No, knowledge of coding is required.

How to Receive Payment on Graphy?

In various platforms we have seen there is always an issue of payments, but in this platform there is no problem of payment. There process of payment is very is very simple, there are different payment options for international customers and local customers.

Easy payment collection across the globe

 There are various modes of payment

For international gateways collection of payment through paypal and stripe.

For local payment gateways

For local payment gateway! The payment is through Razorpay, Payu, Paytm, TracknPay, SSLCOMMERZ, Paystack, etc.

You can sell unlimited digital products

Sell unlimited courses or packages. Launch membership and trainings.

Referral codes are also available, which helps to get more customers.

Enable one-click checkout

Capture sale within few minutes.  Collect the payment first, then take the information of your learners.

Charge according to uniform code or the specific price you need

Multiple currency support

You can collect the payments in your customers specific currency. If your learner from USA, then you can collect the payment in dollars and so forth.

Create and grow your community

Behind every successful course there is a loyal community which loves to learn , grow and communicate with each other.

Schedule Free Demo On Graphy

  • The best thing about graphy is that we can attain free demo lectures, through which we can easily compare the quality of the course and the the video lectures of different professors.

Final thoughts:

My final thoughts about graphy is that it is a best platform to showcase your knowledge and talent. One can grow very easily through teaching and showcasing their knowledge. Graphy is best platform for expressing the thoughts related to studies and various interest like music, dance, teachings etc. If someone who wishes to express their knowledge in various domains then this platform will be a carrier booster for them. Because, there is no hassle of maintain the soft wares or technical works.

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