OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry PDF GRB Download

op tandon inorganic chemistry pdf

OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry PDF : OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry PDF book free download for JEE Main and Advanced also for NEET.

Inorganic Chemistry book by OP tandon for IIT JEE proves it’s best by satisfying the aim of meeting the needs and interests of students seeking admission to professional courses especially in engineering and medical. GRB Inorganic Chemistry (OP Tandon chemistry) Class 11 & 12 also very popular.

We all know that this is an age of tough competition where only the best one will survive. No doubt, the syllabus for various entrance tests is nearly the same as for intermediate or 10+2 examinations, yet many  good students fail to qualify as the standard of these tests is comparatively high.

OP Tandon inorganic chemistry ebook free download. Every year the number of candidates increases and seats in engineering and medical colleges are limited so the competition becomes harder and harder.Things have been clearly explained with proper reasoning wherever possible. 

OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry PDF

Thankful to Dr. A.K Virmani and Dr. A.S Singh to theirs hardwork for  preparing  the manuscript of Op Tandon Inorganic Chemistry book. 

Inorganic chemistry – (by Op Tandon)

Inorganic chemistry by OP tandon covers the whole syllabus very well. Evaluations on the book are going on every year so that student can face the questions and analyse the trend of competition exam. All the text has been totally revised in order to make the subject more simple.

Each concept and problems are discussed in very simple, logical and systematic way. As we  know that there are lot of things to remember the sequence,data and facts in inorganic chemistry.

So the grb publication inorganic chemistry satisfy our need by providing such things in simple, systematic and logical way. There is a large collection of theoretical and numerical type solved example as well as exercise problems.

There is a trend of objective questions in the competitive exam. Op Tandon inorganic chemistry book have a large collection of objective type question beach satisfy the need of competitive exam.

Inorganic chemistry pdf book are very beneficial for the student who are preparing  competitive exam  or board exam by self study because language are very simple and every things are discussed in systematic way.  A good collection of solved examples also helps them very much.

GRB Inorganic chemistry PDF Download

O.P. tandon inorganic chemistry latest edition :-

Get the Book OP Tandon INORGANIC chemistry pdf google drive.

Why should  we  buy OP Tandon  inorganic chemistry book?

  • Each  concepty are discussed in very simple language
  • Each topics are discuss in systematic way
  • Logical interpretation
  • Good collection of solved examples
  • Large collection of theoretical as well as numerical type problems
  • Easy way to remember the facts and order
  • Covers the whole syllabus

OP Tandon Inorganic chemistry chapters –

  1. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in properties
  2. Chemical bonding
  3. Acids and bases
  4. General principle of extraction of Metals
  5. Hydrogen and its compounds
  6. Alkali metal and theirs compounds
  7. Elements of Group IIIA or  13 
  8. Elements of group IVA or 14
  9. Elements of group VA  or 15
  10. Elements of group VI or 16
  11. Elements of group VII or 17
  12. Elements of group 18 or Zeero group
  13. Transition elements or d block elements and f block elements
  14. Coordination compounds and organometallics
  15. Stoichiometry(calculation based on chemical reactions)
  1. Volumetric analysis
  2. Qualitative inorganic analysis
  3. Environmental Chemistry

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