Top 5 Video Editing Tools to Create Amazing Videos

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The online market has been evolving so rapidly of late that it threatens to wipe out obsolete marketing strategies. Content creators across numerous social media channels are switching to a far more stable option of video marketing. Nonetheless, effective video editing is an integral part of our professional lives, especially as it has a powerful source of influence over the target audience.

Simply put, more than 50% of businesses rely on video promotion to connect with target audiences on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

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In fact, more than 40% of users on the internet stream videos, and this number will increase to 80% or more in the upcoming years. To sum up, video editing is inevitably crucial. Sooner or later, content creators will need to dive deep into the realm of video making and conceptual editing.

Fortunately, the internet is loaded! This divine realm of information is filled with tools and platforms that support a vibrant ecosystem for video-editing learners. 

In this post, we are going to list some of those amazing video editing tools that can help you craft engaging visual content for your audiences and establish your presence in the market.

Before we begin, let’s go through some common challenges video editors come across quite often during multimedia editing projects:

Most common challenges addressed by video editors

Despite the many quick and easy editing options available on the web, video editing is undoubtedly arduous. 

From complete concentration and mapping to creativity and practice, it is quite demanding. On the flip side, one unplanned move can take even the most skilled video editors back to the point where they started. 

We have bookmarked a few challenges that you may come across while editing videos, especially for the first time. Make sure you avoid them:

  • Vague planning – Don’t get started on your video-making project unless you carry a well-planned roadmap in your hands. Videos are the longest form of content that demand precision to make a mark on viewers. You must know what you are expecting from your creative to make it significant and watchable. Do make a list of objectives and types of audiences to figure out various elements of your video.
  • Clumsy integration – Video editing skills don’t specifically call for organizational mastery. Although, it becomes essential on many levels when you have a functional editing plan at your disposal and a viewership target to accomplish. Consider this! You have all the video clips, audio files, and animation bits you need to edit the video. But all of them are either mixed in miscellaneous folders or are placed in different places in your own system. Try to avoid this common problem!
  • Bad-quality audio – You may have seen (and probably discarded immediately) the videos that have tremendous visuals, but unbearable audio quality. The process of video editing entails a detailed overview, in which you must take care of every aspect you include in your project. Just remember not to create a product that sorely annoys your viewers!
  • Improper audio sync – This video editing hazard might sound like the one with the unclear audio quality, but it’s slightly different. If you acquire an audio clip of good quality, your video is going to be phenomenal. But it’s not going to impress your viewers if it doesn’t sync properly with the scenes and references you have mentioned in your video. It usually happens when the creator doesn’t edit the video in smaller frame rates.
  • Graphic disruptions – Graphics are the most lopsided elements of video editing. An exquisite set of graphics can boost the viewership of your video, but the wrong ones can take your existing viewers away from your good collection. Graphic disruptions are an utter disaster that commonly occur in the absence of proper planning.

Let’s dive into the top 5 video editing tools!

1. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio has been in the online video editing game for a decade now, and this long span speaks volumes about the methodical features of this tremendous tool. It is also popular as a consumer-level video editing platform that comes with a storyboard, standard tools, sound editing, and picture-in-picture. Let’s see what new feature the latest version of the tool offers its users:

  • Performance stability is incurred by faster rendering, compatibility with basic video hardware, and program stability.
  • Instant project templates are customized to develop social media posts and short marketing videos with text overlays.
  • Mast creators, AR stickers, split-screen template options, auto motion blur, updated color pickers, and 4K monitor support. 

2. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a globally acclaimed tool prominently used by video editing professionals associated with large-scale entertainment projects and production houses. Let’s explore some of the finest features of Apple iMovie video editing software:

  • You don’t have to be a natural at video editing to use Apple iMovie as it is incredibly user-friendly.
  • Easy learning lets video content creators get creative with editing and the simple sharing option allows them to share it on social media right after it’s complete.
  • Some of the effects and video editing enhancements can stun your viewers with impressive video transitions and rendering.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe has never failed to cater to users who thrive on technological advancements to create something new. Adobe already has Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro video editing tools, but they are substantially complex and designed for highly experienced video editors. On the other hand, Adobe Premiere Elements is specifically for video editing beginners, and covers the following:

  • It is compatible with not-so-expensive operating systems including Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and macOS 10.14.
  • The video noise reduction feature helps adjust the audio for night scenes and auto-tagging simplifies the detection of objects in video content.
  • Time-lapse guided edit and vertical to horizontal video arrangement features offer seamless experimentation with editing.

4. InVideo

InVideo is one of the best online video editor platforms immensely useful for a novice in video editing, a YouTube content creator, a social media influencer, a business marketing expert, or anyone else associated with web marketing. Here’s what makes InVideo the best video editing tool amongst all:

  • YouTube video maker, Instagram video editor, and Facebook ad template offer limited flexibility for influencers and marketers.
  • YouTube intro maker and outro maker can be used by YouTube content creators to create engaging videos for their loyal viewers.
  • On the other hand, InVideo offers an online video editor, easy invitation maker, poster & promo video maker, slideshow maker, and meme generators, making it the best video editing tool on the web.

5. Filmora from Wondershare

Filmora from Wondershare is a popular video editing alternative developed for video pros to create high-quality videos. Here’s why Filmora is one of the top-notch video editing tools for editing professionals:

  • The split-screen option streamlines the compelling transition of multiple video footage that can be played at the same time.
  • Advanced text editing can be used to apply highlights, bold, and custom-styled text on the selected part of the video clips.
  • Some other specialties encompass video stabilization, audio equalizer, tilt-shift, noise removal and social import.

Final thoughts

So, this is the list of top video editing tools you can consider adding to your checklist to start editing magnificent videos, hassle-free. Do check them out and choose the one that’s compatible with your system and suits your online video editing requirements.

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