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5 Best C Programming Books For Beginners and Advanced Programmers

Get a curated list of programming books for C. These books served for programming interviews and beginners.Here is a detail guide on – How Long Does It Take To Learn Coding?

C is a high-level procedural programming language, and it made its reputation and position in the heart of programmers. This is one of the oldest programming languages that has remained in the market for more than five decades.

C stays at the top in preference by colleges and universities to teach students basic programming skills. There are many programming languages in the market like C++, Python Java and JavaScript. But C has never lost its popularity because it’s simple, easy to learn and reliable.

Many portions of hardware’s drivers and operating systems are written in C that makes sense for people to learn C. When it comes to performance nothing can win against C. In creating games and software, the essence comes with speed and performance, so  C always remains at the top priority among others. The possibilities with C are endless. 

The base of programming interviews lies in fundamental programming concepts. Since C closely interact with the system and deals with concepts there’s always a possibility of questions from C programming in interviews.

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If you want to kick-start your programming journey and glancing at the best book for C, we have a curated list of programming books for C. These books are also best served for beginners and people who want to crack programming interviews.

5 Best C Programming Books Recommended by Software Developers

1. Let Us C

Let Us C

Keeping lucidity and simplicity in mind Yashwant Kanetkar the author of this book has jotted down this book for beginner programmers. The author has spent half of his life delivering the best content for the book. It has several programming exercises and examples that start from a beginner level and discuss the concept in detail. This book has also encompassed in the syllabus of many computer science courses by top universities. It has helped millions of beginners to learn to program and apply theories like pointers, structures,  string and arrays. This book has smashed to sell millions of copies of this book. It also brought a simple technique to teach concepts of recursion, functional approach to solve real-world problems and write code that can be read by someone else. 

Key features: 

  • Conceptual examples and exercises covered in the book.
  • More than 16+ revision
  • The solution of exercises is covered in a separate book.

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2. The C Programming Language

There is no particular statement for this book because it was written by the guy who himself is the inventor of the C programming language. The C programming language book is written by Dennis Ritchie(inventor of C programming language) and Brian Kernighan (a popular Unix developer).

This book is totally packed with all necessary concepts and language elements that you need in this programming language. This universally written programming language book starts with Hello World program and goes deeper into intentions. This book has been translated over 20 languages and continued its popularity until now.

Certainly, this book is recommended by many folks, calling it the must-read book, on programmers table. The great explanation for elements like Malloc, Pointer, Preprocessor and their working, and a beginner test of object appreciation through the structure is the reason people try the book.

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3. C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide (3rd edition)

C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide

This book deserves every penny spent on it even more than that. As the title suggests this book is great for absolute beginners. Simple and practical instruction used this book can help you to start creating simple games and some deserving applications. It works well for generating input/output and learn basics on how to organise the program, store and display data, working with variables, array functions, structures, Preprocessors and much more.

Key features

  • Build a powerful data entry routine system with built-in functions.
  • Handle computer memory as efficiently as possible

4. Programming in ANSI C by E. Balagurusamy

Programming In Ansi C

It is one of the best and most suitable books for C programming for beginners as well as lifelong learners. It teaches you all basic concepts with examples and exercises it teaches you concepts from scratch and catch a good hold over the language characteristics. Programming in ANSI C is the best seller book in the market that also carries some hands-on projects to make programming faster and better. 

It follows a hierarchical approach of teaching programming by explaining the concept from the elementary level to advanced level

This book covers 2 fresh and innovative projects: 

  • Electricity Board management system
  • Making web services in C

5. Learn C the Hard Way

Learn C the Hard Way

Zed A. Shaw has crafted a perfect course for C programmers to formulate their concepts to an advanced level. This book uses the modern approach of programming and also brings any advancement in writing the old style of codes. The process of learning this book is quite simple as the name signifies the hard way but this isn’t so hard anymore. The route of learning this book is simple – Learn the book, write codes(do not copy and paste) and run it on your computer. This book also focuses on practice, discipline and persistence. This book yet comes with 5+ hours of  CD-based teaching videos to make you easily realize the concept. 

Key features

  • Modern approach for one of the oldest programming language
  • Simple enough to digest with good examples and explanations.

I hope you enjoy the list of best C programming book

Happy Coding!

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