7. Best Node Js and Express Js Books for Beginners

7 Best Node and Express Books: Node Js is a great starting point for full-stack development and in extensive use as a backend system. So this article helps you to pick the best book for learning node js and express js.

Best online JavaScript Courses

What is Node Js? – Best Books on Node Js

Node.js is a JavaScript framework capable of handling and dealing with a large number of simultaneous connections with high throughput. It builds fast and scalable applications and provides a strong and reliable set of features for building single, multipage, and hybrid web applications.

Now, the question that might come up in your mind is why learn it? So, the following are a few reasons why you should learn node.js:

  • Helps in improving the scalability of the applications. You can scale your applications very easily in almost all ways by adding nodes and additional resources to them.
  • It can be used for the creation of classic server-side web applications.
  • Since it requires less maintenance and development cost, so it easily allows you to cut a lot of costs based on that.
  • Node.js has got an active, huge, open-source, and JavaScript-based ecosystem that makes it popular.
  • It is privileged to have an active community that willingly contributes to its ongoing progress and growth consistently.
  • It is also used by plenty of popular companies such as PayPal, GoDaddy, Walmart, IBM, and Storylens.

Best Node JS Books

If you want some real knowledge of Node.js, then there are plenty of books for learning it having precise, clear, and easy-to-understand language. Following are the top 7 books for learning Node.js:

7 Best Node and Express JS Books

1. Node.js in 8 Hours: For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast!

Node.js in 8 hours written by Ray Yao covers all the essential and major topics of Node.js that help you in learning all the basic and primary skills of Node.js programming easily and effectively.

This book is completely written for beginners and hence includes more than 70 practical questions including exercises and tests.

The major content of this book includes Introduction to Node.js and its installation, Node.js and imbedded functions, error event and event emitter examples, buffer, file stream and read stream, creating and reading a directory, and OS module and path module.  

2. Node.js Web Development: Server-side web development By David Herron

Node.js Web Development written by David Herron takes you through the various stages of developing scalable and strong apps using Node.js 14 and helps you in building reliable and scalable web applications.

This book has 14 chapters along with the exercises and majorly focuses on topics such as Basics of Node.js and how to set it up, HTTP servers and clients, express application, data storage and retrieval, dynamic server interaction, Node.js applications, unit testing and functional testing, and security in Node.js applications.

3. Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development

Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development written by Greg Lim will arouse your interest and let you start building your very first Node.js app within the moment you start reading it.

This book has 16 chapters and allows you to take on a fun and hands-on journey of learning Node.js, Express, and MongoDB development.

Each chapter in this book is written in an organized way and straight to the concept. Contents covered in this book are Introduction to Node.js, a node package manager (npm), and express, templating engines, beginning Blog Project, introduction to MongoDB and applying to project, uploading an image with Express, introduction to Express Middleware, refactoring to MVC, user registration, user authentication with Express sessions, validation errors, post collection with user collection, and using MongoDB Atlas.

4. Learning Node: Moving to the Server-Side, 2nd Edition

Learning Node written by Shelley Powers will help you in gaining experience and getting familiar with and mastering Node’s core fundamentals with various built-in and contributed modules.

This hands-on book provides you with plenty of deployment and programming examples that will help you in taking advantage of server-side development with Node and will also guide you in writing fast and highly reliable and scalable network applications.

This book has 12 chapters including topics like node environment, node modules and node package manager (npm), the interactive node with REPL, node and the web, node and the local system, networking, stocks, security, child processes, node and ES6, full-stack node development, the node in development and production, and the node in new environments.

5. Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack

Web Development with Node and Express are written by Ethan Brown is one of the best books for hands-on learners. This book covers all the topics from server-side rendering to API development.

This book has 23 chapters and majorly focuses on topics like the introduction of Node and Express, saving time with Express, tidying up, quality assurance, request and response objects, templating with handlebars, form handling, cookies and sessions, middleware, persistence, routing, static content, single-page applications, third-party APIs, debugging, and security.

6. Node.js Design Patterns

Node.js Design Patterns written by Mario Casciaro is a must-read book for both, beginners and experienced developers.

This book is majorly designed for those JS developers who aspire to learn in-depth about the Node.js environment for having a better and clear understanding of the concepts.

This book contains a certain set of tips, tricks, and a bunch of practices to help you in learning concepts easily and effectively. Through this book, you can learn things like designing and implementing JS patterns, using the components to their full potential, and easily handling the asynchronous code.

7. RESTful Web API Design with Node.js

RESTful Web API Design with Node.js written by Valentin Bojinov gives you a reliable starting point in RESTful API design with Node.js.

This book will teach you topics such as creating scalable server-side RESTful applications, getting rid of third-party dependencies in testing, and securing the services with NoSQL database integration.

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