10 JavaScript Projects for Beginners To Build a Strong Portfolio

javascript projects

The hype and the demand for web developers are constantly and proliferating in the market and technical world. So learning JavaScript can help you to seek a wide range of interesting careers in web development, mobile app development and desktop application, etc. You can start learning JavaScript and build projects with this top rated course on Udemy by Jonas that can help you to solidify your knowledge of JavaScript.

For being a web developer, one needs to have a good and strong grip over JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the important programming languages you should learn and this language eventually means building some best Javascript projects.

Best JavaScript Projects For beginners

There are plenty of JavaScript projects ideas that are fun, user-friendly, challenging, and for beginners.

You can pick and try to do some fun things with JavaScript, that arouses and suits your interest and matches your skill-set and skill-level with your own twists. Learn JavaScript on Codecademy – Is codecademy worth it?

Below, there is a list of 10 such JavaScript projects for you to try on…

1. JavaScript Map

Nowadays, almost everyone knows about Google maps and uses them. It is a prominent feature to use for finding someone’s location. But, have you ever wondered, this map is made using what?

For example you can go on creating a JavaScript project that lists all garbage bins on the roadside so that proper care can be taken for emptying and recycling these wastes. There can be a bunch of different projects you can create with google maps.

javascript map project

Well, if you have ever used Google maps before, then you surely know about one of its features of zooming at a particular location for a better eye-catch and changing the view. This feature is made using JavaScript. JavaScript’s ability to create dynamic objects makes it a first-choice and a natural fit for creating creative, user-friendly, and interactive interfaces on websites or in apps.

2. JavaScript Calculator

Many people face problems while doing calculations, and they need calculators for that. When you are at home, then you can easily go, take your calculator, and simply perform the calculation, but when you go out, carrying a calculator doesn’t seem workable.

Javascript calculator

You can also use the calculator on your smartphone, but for the techies, making a calculator using JavaScript all by themselves is an interesting and fabulous idea to go for.

For making the calculator, you can use HTML and CSS for making all the components work together perfectly using JavaScript.

For displaying numbers and buttons, you will HTML and for beautifying it and making it eye-catchy, you will use CSS.

3. JavaScript Animated Navigation Toggle

When you built any website using HTML and CSS, then you get only limited to adding links for landing from one static page to another.

But, when you get the options of collapsible, drop-down, and other animated navigation features on a webpage, the beauty of your web page surely enhances. So, for having all these features on your web pages, you should learn JavaScript as well, along with HTML and CSS.

4. JavaScript Form Validation

Form Validation is an extremely important and useful aspect for client-side verifications and is used by many websites for validating user details, address details, card details, and many other things like that.

So, for adding validation for all such things, you need to use JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS.

5. JavaScript Game

Games always remain on the top of the fun list. From kids to adults, everyone absolutely loves to play games. JavaScript helps you here as well. You can make amazing fun games using JavaScript. Also, you can use HTML for the display and CSS for beautifying the content.

Games With JavaScript

JavaScript gaming projects even let you practice your skills and allow you to do modifications as per your choices without getting bored.

Using JavaScript, you can make games like Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Toe, Tetris, and many more.

6. JavaScript Drawing

No one really likes to browse websites that have simple, static, and dull-looking web pages. You can make the web pages interesting and appealing by using graphical elements, and this is one of the key features of web development.

Hence, JavaScript can be used as a drawing tool by using HTML and CSS, along with JavaScript, and bringing them all together on a web screen.

7. JavaScript Quiz

Quizzes are absolutely fun because they are useful and great fun at the same time.

Whenever you are confused about anything, such as your skills, career path, interests, favorite stuff, and things like such, just go to Google and take up any quiz and kill your confusion.

So, do you know, you can create such quizzes by yourself as well? Well, if you don’t, then the answer is…yes, you absolutely can.

Using JavaScript, you can make such quizzes, and make the quizzes a bit more interesting and appealing, you can use other web development features also, which are HTML and CSS.

8. JavaScript Mouseover Element

For those who don’t know about the mouseover element or mouseover effect, then it is instances where hovering the mouse over a certain area or the icon on the screen produces spots or some similar action.

The mouseover effect is considered as one of the best factors on which you can completely rely.

So, spending your time on the mouseover JavaScript project is totally worthwhile.

9. JavaScript Login Authentication

The area or the portion where you enter your email id and password on any website for logging to that website is known as the authentication bar.

This project is a great pick for beginners because every website has this authentication bar for using that website.

10. JavaScript to-do list

Making a JavaScript to-do list is something that you can’t do alone using HTML and CSS.

If you are a messy human or forget things very often or want to follow a particular day’s schedule, then making a to-do list is an absolutely good option for you.

Such to-do lists can let you add, remove, alter, and even group the items or things entered in them.


All the above-mentioned JavaScript projects are the best ones among the whole ocean of JavaScript projects for beginners to have fun while doing and strong hold in programming and web development.

These projects cover all the important concepts one needs to know about JavaScript, add value to your profile, and teach you everything which is required and you need to know to be job-ready as a developer.

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