Grokking the Coding Interview: Reivew 2022

Grokking the coding interview

Grokking The Coding Interview Review: Patters of Coding Questions

The educative platform provides you grokking the coding interview with a list of 16 patterns in coding interviews, based on similarities in the technique needed to solve them.

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To prepare for the coding interview you need to practice programming questions that require some logic and a mix of DSA concepts. If you have to prepare for your interview in less time you cannot go on solving 1000 questions on Leetcode, but the good idea is to find the patterns in the exam and prepare with specific questions and concepts.

Is grokking the coding interview worth it? Grokking the coding interview review

Nowadays the extensive growth of IT industries has taken place to a very large extent. Due to the increase in demand for IT engineers all over the place, the competition for survival gets tougher.

In that case, everyone is increasing their skills, to be the best of all. But we cannot get the growth until we have a mentor or some guidance.

So, to excel our part in the IT industry we aim to have the best skillset. Grokking the coding interview course takes place. There are many benefits of taking this course. One can increase their skills by taking this course. They can prepare themselves for the interview. The best part of this course is everything for preparation is available in this course.

Key Features of Educative platform and Other Top Courses avaliable

  • It provides access to every course platform like
  • Grokking the machine learning interview.
  • Grokking the system design interview
  • Grokking the advanced system design interview.
  • Grokking the coding interview.
  • Grokking the computer networking for software.
  • Grokking the AI for engineering and project managers.

Grokking The Coding inteview Overview

This course helped over 35k + students to get a job in FANG companies. Earlier the interviews on coding were not given that much importance, but today, everyone has access to coding questions, so the process becomes more difficult and competitive for the students.

To help the candidate they have come up with the 16 types of coding questions, based on the similarities to solve them. Once the user got the idea he can easily solve more questions.

In this course, each pattern consists of algorithms, data structures, and analysis techniques to solve specific problems. The course has 150 problems mapped to 16 patterns.


  • No setup required
  • Learning becomes easy when all storage is on clouds, instead of SDK and IDE.
  • The progress you can check
  • Built-in assessments let you check your progress. Assessments are also there to check your skills.
  • Access to over

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Pattern: Sliding Window
  • Pattern: Two Pointers
  • Pattern: Fast and Slow pointers
  • Pattern: Merge Intervals
  • Pattern: Cyclic Sort
  • Pattern: In- place Reversal of LinkedList
  • Pattern: Tree breadth-first search
  • Pattern: Tree depth-first search
  • Pattern: Two Heaps
  • Pattern: Subsets
  • Pattern: Modified Binary Search
  • Pattern: Bitwise XOR
  • Pattern: k- way merge
  • Pattern: 0/1 Knapsack (Dynamic Programming)
  • Pattern: Topological Sort (graph)


If you register for this course you will get unlimited access to all courses on the Educative platform.

They have 3 membership plans:

  • $199 for 2 year
  • $119 for 1 year
  • $ 47 per month

What You get:

  • Complete access to 360 courses on Educative prepared by professionals.
  • Certificate of Completion


  • You don’t have to memorize everything in this course, every exercise is based on practice.
  • There will be examples given to you and you have to solve the exercise by yourself provided answers and hints.
  • You have 4 different languages for grokking the coding interivew- Java, C++, Python, javascript.
  • You also have a few customizations, you can go to the settings option and change the code themes, adjust the java scripts.
  • Nice illustrations of patterns, code snippets.
  • If you want to get into a FAANG company then this course is an important need for you.
  • The best thing about this course that separates it from the other course is the patterns of coding questions.
  • You will have to solve various coding challenges which you have to face during the interview.

My final thoughts:

By diving into this course, my perception(view) about this course is: it is for amateurs for people who are preparing for coding interviews, who know DSA, and have knowledge of one programming language.

Beginners can try:

But for people who are preparing for want to make their career in the FAANG company, then they must surely apply for this course.


By considering all its features and specifications, we can paste 4.5 ratings to this course.

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