review – Is Educative Worth it? review review: One of the main features of is it provides a text-based interface with tons of exercise and resources for self-paced learning.

And you can find our review of various learning platforms like Codecademy, Algoexpert, and Team Treehouse.

Is Worth It?

I’ve covered the review based on different services, some pros, and cons of the Educative platform.

Here’s a quick outline of their features:

  • Educative provide a totally text based interface to save time and focus on building rather than watching videos after vides.
  • They have an interactive coding environment to run your code on the fly to help students learn by experimenting different code examples.
  • They have guided tracks for software development, system design and skill improvement.

Features of Courses on Educative Platform – review

Educative is simply a learning platform with all the important courses on programming and FANG Interviews.

These courses cover all the topics from the basics to HTML and CSS, programming languages like Python, C++, JavaScript, and popular frameworks for beginners to advanced programmers.

 Who has their eyes on the job positions of top-notch companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook they can try courses like acing the coding interview as they have on different language and for different job roles?

The benefit that you can get here is new courses get added up every week which exposes you to new concepts and things on a regular basis and since you can learn here at your own pace.

So there’s no way of taking any kind of pressure on you and destroying your peace of mind.

Also, you can get plenty of visual aids over here that will guide you through the lessons, and because of their interesting and interactive coding sessions and environments, you will be able to practice the coding questions easily.

You can get interactive programming lessons, a professional environment and experience, in-depth coverage of all the concepts, and incredibly crafted courses that will reduce the gap between you and your dream company.

Course Options offered by

You must have been aware of a huge amount of courses out there on the internet and picking up the suitable and perfect courses as per your interests is a hell of a task to do.

So the initiative or the approach was taken up by to divide their courses based on what users want to learn is truly a remarkable thing.

As this platform offers various learning paths and short courses you can choose any of them based on your interest.

Educative offers its users three incredibly options and these are:

Become a Developer

Here you will get a series and bucket full of courses for beginner and intermediate levels in many languages such as HTML, Python, JavaScript (JS), CSS, PHP, and Java.

Grow Your Skill-set

This section covers all the complex programming concepts such as related to libraries, frameworks, and containers.

Prepare for an Interview

This is the treasure part of this platform for anyone aspiring for a job in top-notch companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

In this section, you will get courses for interview preparation for programming languages, system designs, and much other such stuff. Courses – review

Fresh courses get added up weekly on the platform, which makes your learning interesting.

You can get both; free and paid courses on this platform.

If you want to go with the free courses, you get access to limited courses. On the other side, if you go with the paid courses, then you will get access to over 150 courses.

The courses that you will get here build a firm foundation for your career path and make tough concepts easy for you to learn.

Also, different courses have separate lessons and each lesson has its own series of sections. There are two major sections:

System Design Problems

This section has a series of problems that are popularly known for designing various applications, such as Twitter, Dropbox, Yelp, Pastebin, and many others.

Glossary of System Design Basics

This section contains a series of problems that cover all concepts, from the basic characteristics of distributed systems to data partitioning and consistent hashing.

Learning Tracks

Learning Tracks are a series of courses that primarily focus on a particular skill or path.

Each learning track is divided into different modules that cover different courses stacked in the track. These comprehensive paths will help you to speed up on everything you need to learn this skill from a basic to advance level.

Currently, there are 13 learning tracks available on Educative are:

React for Front-End Developers

Front-end developers learn to build professional apps using React.

Become a Front-End Developer

You will learn how to build effective and efficient websites for becoming a successful and professional developer.

TypeScript for Front-End Developers

You will learn the concepts and get updated from JavaScript to TypeScript.

Become a Machine Learning Engineer

You will learn all the basic and practical skills for being a successful machine learning engineer.

Scalability and System Design for Developers

Here, you will learn to design and build architecture for systems that scale.

DevOps for Developers

You will learn and master Kubernetes and Docker.

Java for Programmers

You will learn and practice the concepts of Java.

C++ for Programmers

You will learn and practice the concepts of C++.

Python for Programmers

You will learn and practice the concepts of Python.

Ace the Python Coding Interview

You will be prepared for Python technical interview.

Ace the C++ Coding Interview

You will be prepared for C++ technical interview.

Ace the Java Coding Interview

You will be prepared for Java’s technical interview.

Ace the JavaScript Coding Interview

You will be prepared for JavaScript technical interview.

Features of

Exciting Challenges and Coding Environment

For every course and course challenge that you choose, you will get a problem set that you need to solve.

The best benefit that you will get here is since you have logged in already, you will be having access to an in-build coding environment with a built-in tester, and thus you don’t have to do any coding on your system.

Various programming languages to choose from

For applying to some companies, knowing one language is not enough anymore. Many recruiters look for candidates who have a strong foundation and knowledge of more than one language.

So, you can select any language as per your choice and preference among the plenty of programming languages available to start your programming journey smoothly.

Solution Review

On this platform, you will get the pseudocode as well, which will help you clear the basics of the concepts.

Many recruiters from top-notch companies don’t really look for the appropriate codes. Instead, they look at how clear and sharp your knowledge is over the concepts. Pricing

Annual Plan

Annual subscription of is at $16/month (billed annually).

It will give you complete access to this platform, including 13 learning tracks and 150 courses.

You can even buy the courses as per your preferences and choices individually.

Monthly Plan

The monthly subscription of Educative is available at $ 59/month, and it’ll be billed monthly.

Overview of Substription

Learning to code is not easy at all. You need a basic and strong foundation for learning it, and has that foundation.

The courses offered over here focus on building your skill-set and updating it while increasing the difficulty level alongside.

Also, this platform has prominent features with an incredibly amazing coding interview that arouses your interest to learn every day.

Review on best programming sites and courses:

One of the best and unique features that you will get here is the courses over here get updated weekly that cover everything from clearing the basic concepts to the proper and professional preparation for interviews in various languages such as Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript.

You will get everything over here such as exciting coding questions and challenges in languages such as C++, Java, and Python, an in-app interesting coding environment that arouses your interest, and easy-to-learn and go-through learning tracks, which are truly enough to hype up your urge and excitement to learn to code.

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