KVS PRT, PGT and TGT Syllabus, Eligibility and Teacher Salary

kvs tgt syllabus

KVS PRT, PGT and TGT Syllabus : KVS TGT Syllabus KVS PGT Syllabus KVS Exam pattern KVS  PGT salary. Get all details on the KVS teacher recruitment.

KVS TGT has released Syllabus 2020  for the TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) for the KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) on its official website. 

In this page candidates can get updates of admit cards and other required details for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) of KVS Syllabus 2020. Learn about UPSC Drug inspector syllabus and job details.

KVS TGT Syllabus

All of the syllabus, interview schedule, exam date, and other required details for KVS Syllabus 2020 for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) and download the KVS Syllabus 2020  form we have provided you here everything you need to know with all resources from official website.

Candidates who applied for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) exam have to know their syllabus for preparing for exam of TGT. KVS Syllabus 2020 of Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) has released by the (KVS) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for KVS TGT syllabus.

Candidates who applied for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher)  Exam can get their Syllabus for preparing for their exam. Syllabus 2020 and exam pattern 2020 for the Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) post exam KVS Syllabus 2020 has been given in the below PDF.

Download Now And Check Your KVS Syllabus 2020 

Download PDF from below.

KVS TGT Syllabus 2020 Download PDF

KVS TGT Syllabus 2020 exam will conduct in two phase or part and in part 1st only two subject’s questions will given in question paper. In part 2nd four subject’s questions will given in question paper. All pattern will given on table below.

Download PDF

KVS Exam Pattern 2020  for TGT

Exam Parts


Total Marks

Total Questions


Part 1st











Part 2nd

Current Affairs



Conserned Subjects



Teaching Ability



Reasoning and Numerical Ability






1 hr.

KVS TGT Syllabus 2020 Subject Wise :

1.   English :

  • Subject
  • Articles
  • Tenses
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Idioms & Phrases

Read More From PDF as we have provided above in the article.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Teacher Recruitment Eligibility 2020

  • First you have to to check your position on KV school you are on the position of of PGT or not, if you are on position of PGT then after you have to apply for TGT teacher for KV.
  • If you are PRT teacher then you have to you wait for your promotion or apply for PGT when you get promoted and get your post on PGT then after 1 year or more year you have to apply for TGT if you are eligible then you have get your post on TGT in your KV school KV school.

Age limit for PRT, PGT and TGT teacher of KV :

  • PRT – PRT teacher have to to take class of primary student it only before Age limit of 30 year.
  • PGT – PGT teacher have to take class of secondary student only before Age limit of 40 year.
  • TGT – TGT teachers have to take class of higher secondary student only before age limit of 35 year.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Teacher Salary :

  • PRT – Monthly income of PRT teachers in KV approx Rs 9,300 to Rs 34,800 rupees per month.
  • PGT – Monthly income of PGT teacher of KV will give in pay scale of approx Rs 9,300-Rs 34,800 rupees per month.
  • TGT – Monthly income of TGT teacher of KV will give in pay scale of approx Rs 44900 – Rs 142400 rupees per month.

How to apply for TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) :

  1. First you have to reach all eligibility criteria then after you have to apply for KVS TGT teacher.
  2. Then you have to prepare for your exam and syllabus given.
  3. Then after result will given you then you have to check your result you reach all criteria or not.
  4. If you pass the exam then you will be promoted to tu TGT from PGT.
  5. Then give role for TGT teacher and make student future bright.

Classes conducted by teachers PRT, PGT and TGT :

PRT Teachers :

  • Class 1st
  • Class 2nd
  • Class 3rd
  • Class 4th and
  • Class 5th

PGT Teachers :

  • Class 6th
  • Class 7th
  • Class 8th

Some teacher Take Class of

  • Class 9th and
  • Class 10th

TGT teachers :

  • Class 9th
  • Class 10th
  • Class 11th and
  • Class 12th

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Is there negative marks?

Ans – No there was no any negative marks for the wrong answer.

TGT teacher have to to take class of which class?

Ans – TGT teacher have to take class of class 9 to class 12.

Is any grade pay will given to the TGT teacher?

Ans – Yes grade pay will be paye to TGT teacher.

Is Basic Salary before 7th Pay Commission will given ?

Ans – Yes basic salary before 7th pay commission bill given.

Is PRT teacher is able to to apply for TGT teacher?

Ans – No PRT teacher have to to firstly get promotion of PGT teacher then after apply for TGT teacher.

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