10 Ways to Make Money Coding in 2021

make money coding

Through this article I’ll help you to monetize your programming skills and make money coding.

Nowadays, everyone and everything is following the trends, making it a new normal. Technology is becoming a part of everyday life.

How long does it take to learn coding

So, in the technical world, the thing which is in trend is “coding”, and if you want to make your future bright in the technical world, then you can’t miss out on programming.

How to Make Money With Coding?

If you have programming as your passion and have excellent knowledge of various programming languages, then now you can finally use your love of programming to make a good amount of money, what else can be good than that feeling.

All need to learn how to make money using their programming skills to lead a good and comfortable life with their own lifestyle choices. So, below you can get ways to make a decent income through your coding skills.

How to Make Money Coding As A Beginner?

Beginners usually tend to struggle while monetizing their skills.

However, many of them face problems of where to start and what exactly have to do to be on the right path to success.

If you are also a beginner and face such problems, then you should use learn with these course on Codecademy to keep yourself updated with all the programming knowledge.

Let’s have a look at different ways using which you can monetize your programming skills…

1. Freelancing

Freelancers are in high demand and freelancing is thriving rapidly day by day. The best part of freelancing is you can work from anywhere and can make your own comfortable working schedule.

Being a super workable and great option to go for, freelancing requires a lot of patience, attention, and hard work.

To start your freelancing career, you can use platforms such as LiveEdu, UpWork, and HackerEarth.

In a nutshell, freelancing is an amazing way to find good valuable prospective clients and showcase your skills.

2. Blogging

Blogs are always the best, effective, and enjoyable way to make money. So, if you know programming, you can easily make money through blogs keeping programming as your niche.

If you are going for the blogging option, then you should always keep in mind to write SEO-friendly content using relevant keywords for keeping a good reach and rank of your content or page in the search engines. Also, you should always go for on-page and off-page both SEO optimizations for a good outcome.

3. Starting a Personal Website

Stating and making a website of your own is a good way of personal branding. You should make your website in such a way that it should reflect all your programming skills so that you can add that your resume and portfolio.

You can add a blog section to your website as well to showcase and share your coding knowledge by making coding-related content.

4. Develop Apps and Games

If you know programming well, then taking advantage of your programming skills by developing an app or a game is a good option to go for.

If you have got an incredible and marketable idea, then you can work on it and it will be easy for you to make money through it.

5. Joining Coding Competitions

Coding contests are a great way to make a good amount of money using your coding skills. You can apply for such coding competitions on CodeChef, TopCoder, HackerEarth, and many more…

Most of the coding competitions offer a pretty good amount of cash prizes to the winners and not just that, you can even get a chance to learn from other participants by seeing their code. Another good thing about these competitions is top-notch companies offer jobs to the winners or the participants by getting impressed with their codes and coding skills.

6. Teaching others

Everyone wants to follow the trends or update themselves with the ongoing or upcoming trends. And when it comes to the tech world, the ongoing trend is the craze for programming, and that’s the reason many people now seek to learn it. So, why shouldn’t you become the one to teach it, if you yourself know it well?

Teaching is considered a much-respected profession in the current society. So, if you like teaching and have excellent programming skills as well, then this option is just perfect for you to go with.

You can apply for teaching through platforms or websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Codecademy.

7. Becoming a Python Developer

Nowadays, the job of a Python developer is considered one of the highest-paying jobs. Companies such as ADP and Randstad, seek people with good Python developing skills from all over the world.

Some of the job options for a Python developer include optimizing data algorithms, creating testable, efficient, and reusable codes, and building websites.

So, if you have a wonderful knowledge of Python, don’t take a single chance of missing out on such opportunities.

8. Applying for Quantitative Analyst Jobs at Bank

In today’s digital world, the knowledge of coding or programming has not only been restricted to tech or software companies but has gone beyond those.

Nowadays, even banks want employees who know to code. So, if have a good grip over coding, then you can successfully become a quantitative analyst for financial data.

9. Engaging in Data Journalism

In today’s world where news travels as fast as speech, there is no wonder and doubt that the demand for data journalists is at its peak.

Coding experts with especially good Python knowledge are in high demand. With the help of your coding skills, you can sort tremendous amounts of data by analyzing it and visualizing your findings very easily and effectively.

10. Creating a YouTube Channel

Nowadays, you can hardly able to find a person who is not familiar with YouTube. YouTube is one of the most and commonly visited websites in the entire world.

You can create videos on providing coding tips to people or you can even make teach coding through YouTube by making videos or playlists covering all the topics separately.

By growing your subscribers, you can easily make money from YouTube.

There are plenty of other ways as well other than which I have told you to make a good amount of money online using your programming skills. You can even make a full-time income with all these methods by just putting in some effort.

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