Is Codecademy Pro Worth It in 2021? [Codeacademy Pro Review]

Is Codeacademy Pro worth it

Is Codecademy pro worth in 2021? The Codecademy review is based on every aspect from learning to code, the style of teaching, platform usage, and the curriculum. 

In this Codecademy Pro review, I am sharing Codecademy Pro intense features and overiveiw with you.

The Codecademy platform is helpful for beginners from starting to code and building a robust foundation in coding. It consists text-based exercises and curriculum help you to learn to code faster and build your career in coding

The platform is made to get quick help when you get stuck while solving problems and doing exercises. 

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Is Codeacademy Pro worth it?

To answer this question on and give you a good overview on if codecademy Worth it, we have discussed the topic into various sections and you can go on to features of codecademy to get a clear understanding of worthlessness of Codecademy.

They have several combinations, of course, starting from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Git, and language-specific options, etc. 

Codecademy Pro Review: the TL;DR:

Codecademy Pro consists of the basic plan as well as the en you sign up for the pro plan, you have access to complete resources including 4 career paths and 10 skill paths. In addition to the skill paths and career paths, you have a way to learn various technologies including frontend, backend data science, with portfolio ready projects. It consists of several interactive courses with the amount of time needed to spend on the course you pick, gives you a complete overview of of the learning path. 

Codeacademy pro

As discussed above,  Codecademy Pro consists of pro as well as basic/free plans. In the free plan, they offer limited options and you will get very specific things required to learn in the course.

What if you want to get the complete outline from the professional point of view, you should opt-in for the paid plan. 

If in case you are not decided to go with the platform you can get a one-week free trial, so you get enough time to evaluate your every penny spent on code academy Pro. With more than 70 courses, you learn everything to get a complete overview and skills required for cracking coding interviews and getting a well-paid job. 

Check out the complete video review by Jane (Data scientist)

Features of Codecademy Pro – Is Codecademy Pro Wort it

One of the best aspects of Codecademy Pro is it offers well-organized content for learning programming languages.

Joining a coding Bootcamp or a full-time course required a long time and money.

People who are in a full-time job don’t want to join the classroom courses. So Codecademy Pro comes into play and helps you to study at your own time, at your own pace. Learn about the best Python tutorial for beginners to get a job.

Here are some features that give you a few reasons why you should join Codecademy Pro:

Study materials

 Once you study a concept you must take notes, for better retention and revision in the short term. So the code academy Pro offers nicely planned and well-written content. You can also download the PDF form of the study material. Course resources are well written and documented by experts that have to the plus point. These are written in simple terminology that you can understand and grab it effortlessly.

Real-world projects

Each lesson is designed to let you build a small project, to practice concepts you have learnt. Codecademy Pro teaches you  by self doing, so it gives you a platform with the code editor, where you can write codes by yourself and read the documentation they have provided.

Practice materials and quizzes

Pro members get the benefit of practice materials and quizzes. If you are preparing for coding interview these practice materials are relatively helpful. Quizzes are mostly based on core concepts and can help you resuscitate the topics you have just learnt.

Track your progress

Each course on the code academy tracks time to complete the course you are going to learn. So that you can learn and chase your progress and make a better strategy to learn to code effectively.

Career path

Career path combines many courses that start from the basics of programming and logic building to the advanced grade of web development, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and any career of your choice. Check out how you can learn Python to start a career.

Career Path on Codeacademy Pro

Skill path

They have lessons on specific skills you want to learn and the course goes around that topic or concept. For example version control, Analyzing data, Building chatbot, image rendering, etc


Skill Path on Code Academy

Certificate completion – At the end, you earn a certificate of completion of every Pro course on the code academy. These are valid to show on your portfolio and in the job search.

Programming languages

Codecademy Pro offers courses in 14 different programming languages that help you to learn web development, native and hybrid mobile application development desktop application GUI/development.


Pros and cons of Code Academy Pro

Is Codeacademy pro worth it? Read the Pro and cons of Codeacademy. These are helpful to start learning on the platform


  • Well planned content – They have well-documented course resources helps you to learn coding skills. They have the learning material, help suggestions and community
  • Profession Reddy learning path – Personalized learning path to join courses based on specific skills and career paths.
  • Hands-on experience – Code academy offers a platform by which you can learn on the go by practising and attempting coding exercises. So you make your hand dirty by writing codes and learn by doing. So you do not get video courses you can learn on the go.
  • Quizzes – Practical assessment and quizzes help you to measure your performance and boost your preparation on practical skills of coding.
  • Community support- Code academy offers massive community support where you make connections and collaborate with other students joining in the same courses as of you.
  • Makes your learning process enjoyable – Learning to code is not classroom stuff, its enjoyable skills required.  So, it helps you prepare better for the coding abilities, you can mark and track your progress and join the 30-day coding challenge, to keep you motivated in the course. 


  • Not available offline
  • No lifetime access
  • No video content

Topics covered on code academy 

Code academy covers various topics including programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, and structured courses for web development, GUI, and mobile application development to version controlling and 1800 + courses.

They have courses for 14 different programming languages and their frameworks. 

Subjects covered in Codeacdemy

  • Web development
  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Basics of coding
  • Web design
  • Game development
  • Mobile application development
  • Data interpretation

So, you not only get to learn programming languages you also learn how to apply in real-world projects. 

With the interactive coding platform, you will get help from the vast community and also some help guides to provide you with quick support. 

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2 thoughts on “Is Codecademy Pro Worth It in 2021? [Codeacademy Pro Review]”

  1. Would you recommend the Pro version to someone who’s already experienced in a few programming languages and has so far preferred to read the official documentation of a new language as the main learning material?

    1. If you are experienced in few programming language. You should work on improving problem solving skills. Most of the coding interview have major focus on Data structures and Algorithms.
      Here’s the detailed course for coding interview that helped people to get job in biggest tech companies around the world like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, UNIQLO etc.

      👉 Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms 👈
      But you also need to posses development skills and codeacademy have some career path so that you can apply your learning in building something. It can be anything like you should go for web development, ML or UI/UX ,GUI development and they are offering these courses. However you can purchases these individual courses on Udemy and other learning platforms.

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