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ssb piq form pdf

In this post you will know how you should write PIQ form for SSB interview, you can also download PIQ form PDF.

PIQ form plays an important role in the selection of candidates in SSB. Master the art of writing a good PIQ form for SSB interview. This section provides you all details on PIQ form.

SSB Interview is a 5-day process that checks officers like qualities in candidates.  Know about direct SSB Interview.

The SSB interview consists of two stages:

  1. Screening test
  2. Recommendation test

The screening test in SSB interview consists of the OIR test and PPDT test. If you want to know more on PPDT Test read this article and get PPDT format. Qualified candidates have to go through the next four days change that consists of a recommendation test with various type of phases that check officer like qualities in candidates. Check the most important SSB interview questions.

The four days recommendation test consists combinely of :

  1. Psychology test
  2. GTO group testing officer
  3. Personal interview

Candidates aspiring for SSB they have to go through the PIQ form that contains very sensitive information and required to be filled carefully. So let’s discuss on PIQ form. Get complete details on Air force X Y group exam.

PIQ Form for SSB – PIQ Form PDF

PIQ form is very important in SSB interview. Candidates are allowed to fill PIQ form after they arrive at SSB or after completing the screening test. The PIQ form becomes the basis for personal interview. Whatever you right in the PIQ form you have to stick with that. The information furnished in the form determine the behaviour and skill standard of candidates.

The PIQ form consists of questions related to your personal life hobbies friend and everything related to the candidate. This form contains vital information on variety of question from their life to their academics and social and standings. Below we have provided you full PDF of PIQ form. Candidate can practice the form and work on that to improve their inner skills. Here is what you need to do.

How to write PIQ form? (PIQ Form PDF)

Here you can get how you should write PIQ form from SSB interview.

How to write PIQ Form?

For example, if you fill football is your favorite game. In this scenario you should know some popular football players and all the important details related to this game. If during the selection process candidates are found football is not their favorite game. Or they like to play some other game and they don’t know much about football. This can raise issue in their selection.

If you write that you like reading books. You should know some good books and facts related to these books. Candidates may get question related to their hobbies and things whatever furnish in the PIQ form in SSB. Any mismatch between whatever you’re writing in the PIQ form and information you furnish during the exam can be critical for you.

So it is necessary for a candidate to first know the pattern of PIQ form and gradually work on enhancing their skills and officers like quality in them. Because the PIQ form clearly shows the academic and social achievement of candidates. So it is necessary for you that during the time of preparation you should always focus on enhancing and working in the way to prepare for PIQ form also.

This is very tough to mimic in front of interviewer after writing in PIQ form. But if you properly practice this thing and follow the eagle hunt strategy you can surely master the PIQ form. The basic information in this form consists of form fields related to family like their father’s income, number of people in their family, what type of work candidates are engaged in, how they are raised in the family etc.

Coming to academic information this section generally consists of question about their study, places where they have studied, their interest, achievement and engagement in other extra co-curricular activities. Candidates are judged based on their leadership quality, behaviours, skill to co-operate with others and work in a team and other officers like qualities. 

PIQ form PDF Download

The below PDF provide you with the PIQ form PDF. Download the PIP form PDF and try to work on each section at practice every staff on the basis of your way of doing. Working intensity on PIQ form can be a reason for your success in SSB interview. 

PIQ Form PDF Download


Final Thoughts

This was the information on PIQ form for your SSB exam preparation. Let me know if you have any question in the comment below.

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