Why Python Should be The First Language To Learn?

Are you looking to get into programming, but you have no clue where you should start?

Start with Python, here I’ll tell you how to learn and how long does it take to master Python – the most useful skill in 2021.

You’ve most definitely heard of the simplest programming languages to learn, however you’re still unsure that one is the best.

Python, hands-down is the best language to begin if you’re wanting to induce into programming. Learning programming is tricky but, Python makes it easier.

Python is definitely one of the foremost standard and beginner-friendly languages. I’ve started learning Python back in 2019, and since then I’ve learned several alternative languages. I will definitely say that Python had the tiniest learning curve, particularly if you’re new within the field of programming.

There are many reasons, why you would want to learn to code. You can, of course, start with other languages besides Python.

Key benefits of Python

  1. Python has up in the ranks of programming languages.
  2. Simple to find out and decipherable syntax.
  3. A vast community that opens new opportunities.
  4. Python has in-depth libraries and frameworks.

1: Python has risen in the ranks of programming languages

learn python programming placing 2020

2: Easy to learn and readable syntax

Language quality is usually tied to a number of factors. Other than use cases, another excuse is however simple the language is to select up and learn. Python fulfills each criterion. It is often used for a lot of things and it’s comparatively easy to learn. Python is constructed to be simple, perceivable, and clear. It is simple to use, powerful, and versatile, creating a good selection for beginners and specialists alike.

Python’s readability makes it a great 1st artificial language — it permits you to assume sort of a technologist and not waste time with confusing syntax.

3: It Is One Of The Most Trending Languages

Java and C++ are the native languages with the item orientating approach. Their use is extremely widespread, and potency is tremendous. the sole downside with these languages is that they are lengthy. The codes are cumbersome and, so, to correct or to remodel is an vastly tedious process.Python, on the opposite hand, has all the options of object-oriented programming a bit like Java and C++, and is quick too. The codes are shorter and also the syntax simple, thus being straightforward to amend, rework and optimize.

Libraries in Python

Python comes with a bulk variety of built-in modules and libraries. there’s an ocean of libraries for Python programming language.

Modules and libraries build the lifetime of a software engineer easier, they assist to unravel issues that can’t be resolved with the quality options of Python.


Python follows the programming proverb, i.e., Code Once Run Anywhere. we will use the Python on any platform. you need solely Python to run any Python code. Python doesn’t care concerning your platform. Those are the foremost common options of Python. it’s plenty of different features that may facilitate to realize your goals within the development.

Best course for Python


Udemy may be a web site that gives online video courses at a nominal price. you’ll notice a lot of courses accessible to be told Python. the most fashionable that’s beginner-friendly, and less price.

You will get the completion certificate after that .

YouTube Channel

Their are plenty of YouTube channel which provide you with best material and learning for python.

Python has risen in the ranks of programming languages

According to the database’ index for December 2020, Python saw the very best increase in ratings over the course of 2020, seeing a positive modification of 1.90% overall. In terms of overall popularity, Python currently ranks because the third most widely-used programming languages worldwide with a rating of 12.21%.


Python is that the best language to begin as a beginner thanks to the user-friendliness it’s over alternative languages. Also, it enforces you to jot down clean and smart code, as a result of it doesn’t permit whitespaces. this enables you furthermore may to become a team member everybody loves operating with.

As per the experts, the future of Python seems very bright. In fact, Python has emerged as a great option for web developers where speed & performance matters. Also, from a career point of view, Python is fantastic.

Happy Learning 🙂

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