How Long Does It Take To Master Python To Get A Job?

How long does it take to learn Python

How long does it take to learn Python to get a job?

For a complete beginner 3 months is sufficient to master python to get a programming job. If you are coming from other programming languages like C++, Java etc then one month is enough for you to learn Python and write your logic comfortably. Best Python courses to be a pro developer – Master the Python Programming.

Moreover, we are talking about learning Python at employable level and finding a productive way to learn the Python programming language. The majority of people learning to code in Python but not everyone is a finding decent job. 

So let’s dig deep into how you can learn coding to start your career and be a valuable Python programmer.

Why You Should Learn Python?

Python is the world’s most popular programming language due to its easy syntax and continuous progress. So it is marking its influence not only in the field of computer science but also in major areas like management and medical. Also, you can find a quick job with Python, step into freelancing, build your website, software and games. 

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How Long Does It Take A Beginner To Learn Python To Get A Job? 

I have divided the process of learning Python into 4 levels and have estimated at more than 3 months for a beginner to start a career in Python. 

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Level 0: Fundamentals of Python – Learning basic building blocks of programming, basics of Python, variables, functions, loops, conditionals, data types

Level 1: Intermediate Python – Once you can write your logic using a functional programming approach you can move toward intermediate Python.

You can then start learning and exploring Popular Python modules and use them in your projects. Working with turtle, CSV, list and dictionary comprehension, working with API etc comes under Level 1.

After completing Level 0 and Level 1 you can be able to create small programs. At each level, you need to have sufficient practice and these are the main duration that goes into learning to code in Python. Practicing and doing projects can purely help you to learn python practically. 

Level 2: Advanced python – In level 2 you can learn thinking about building useful stuff from the stretch as much you can, it also requires the skill of reading documentation and using any services you want.

It is fun to automate usual tasks, make your small bot, using python, creating websites and producing data to plot charts/ graphs. 

Level 3: Building Unique and Professional Portfolio Projects – You need to be always clear about the main goal of learning Python, as what it can do for your valuable time.

So there comes the requirement of your unique portfolio projects. Games like Tic Tac Toe and 🐍 are common as many people do these things. What makes you unique is having the project that you can show off. 

Getting Jobs With Python

To get a job with Python not only requires you to code in Python only will not make you a good programmer you have to have a good hold on other technologies too. 

You must have an intention why you are learning python? 

The answer can be like, to be a web developer, data scientist, want to get a job in AI and machine learning. So you can use Python as a tool and can and other related things for getting into that domain. 

A good engineer can use a data structure and algorithm to write fast and memory-efficient programmes. Even coding interviews put more weights on Data structures and algorithms. You can join here to learn Data Structures and Algorithm with whiteboard explanation of each topics in great details.

Getting a good software developer position means you to be good at operating systems, system design and networks. 

How To Come Up With Projects Ideas In Python?

A project like Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock Paper Scissors and card swipe games are common but good for learning basics. There should be something in your profile that can put a good impression on the hiring manager.

Look around you, about the problem you faced or you can solve it with Python. It can be any stupid thing of your imagination because it comes with a scope of improvement. For example, Facebook was started as a project and Mark Zuckerberg did not think he could market it well. Also, it was not the first project, he created other things similar to Facebook. 

The idea here is challenging yourself to dominate your imagination and commercialize your project. Though it takes much effort if you create potential projects it makes you unique. 


Lastly, learn Python and choose a specific domain where you want to get job. Then move towards data structures and algorithms. Build things, anything that you put on your portfolio which makes you unique. The quality of good engineer also includes non technical skills like communication, leadership and teamwork. So enjoy learning Python as you can. Build your career in coding by learning to code progressively.

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