Algoexpert Vs Hackerrank Vs Leetcode – [Cracking The Coding Interview]

Leetcode vs Algoexpert vs Hackerrank

Everything is going digital in today’s fast-growing world and the basic literacy in this digital age is coding.

If you want to understand the technology around you and want to join a well-renowned tech company, then the coding is something that you must learn.

Now, the question arises is, where to practice coding? What could be the best coding websites? Well, there is no need to worry. But, the base of any coding interview mostly depends on Data Structures and algorithms.

Best Courses for Data Structures and Algorithm

In this article, I am going to tell you about some popular coding platforms and comparison among some popular options like Leetcode vs Algoexpert vs HackerRank.

1. LeetCode


LeetCode is one of the renowned online coding platforms which could be used to practice your programming skills.

It has more than 1500 different practice problems, supports over 9+ languages, and has an active online community that is always there to help you with your doubts and solutions.

So, if your goal is to be a good programmer with excellent coding skills, then this online coding platform is for you.

Leetcode Premium

There’s a premium feature of Leetcode that is also available, which is “LeetCode Premium”.

LeetCode Premium is the paid subscription of Leetcode which gives users access to premium problems and solutions, an auto-complete function, interview simulations with feedback, and a built-in debugger.

Is the LeetCode Premium worth it?

Now, the question arises is, “Is the LeetCode Premium worth it?”

Since, it grants you access to company-specific questions which you can face in companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, it works even more effectively to prepare for technical interviews.

Companies-wise questions on Leetcode

Well, the choice between the LeetCode and LeetCode Premium usually depends on people or what they want to use it for.

If you just want to practice coding or brush up on your coding concepts or skills, then the regular version would be fine for you.

But, if you want to sit for solving technical interviews then LeetCode Premium would work best for you.

It’s pretty obvious that with the premium version, you will get a couple of benefits, such as more questions, a built-in debugger, an interview simulator, and company-specific questions.

  • The company-specific question bank provided in the premium version is utterly helpful
  • Actual problems from top companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, etc.
  • The question bank will give you an idea of the mindset or mood of the interviewer mood
  • Interview simulator for the mock interview

Also, if you are not used to solving problems in a controlled and timed environment, then the interview simulator could be insanely helpful for you

So, yeah!! If you really want to do coding for cracking the companies interviews, then the LeetCode Premium subscription is definitely worth it.

2. AlgoExpert


AlgoExpert is a paid platform for practicing coding skills and for technical interview questions.

AlgoExpert Review

Users can code in at least 9 different languages of their choice in AlgoExpert and it has 4 difficulty levels.


The platform has 160 questions (most of them directly taken from coding interview or are conceptually important) covering 15 categories as topics.

Below are all 15 topics covered on algoexpert questions.

Arrays GraphsTries
Linked ListBinary TreesStrings
Dynamic ProgrammingSearchingSorting
Greedy AlgorithmRecursionFamous Algorithms
HeapsBinary Search TreesStacks

AlgoExpert could be an excellent platform for software engineers who are looking for practicing technical interview questions.

AlgoExpert v/s LeetCode

  • The number of questions offered by AlgoExpert is limited (160 questions), whereas LeetCode provides over more than 1000 questions.
  • After completion of questions or challenges, AlgoExpert provides a certificate of completion to its users.
  • LeetCode provides more languages to code as compared to AlgoExpert.
  • Companies often prefer LeetCode to find and select experienced developers.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank provides a platform for programmers all over the world to come together and solve problems and challenges for different domains such as machine learning, algorithms, AI, SQL, and more.

Almost every challenge provided by HackerRank comes with a leaderboard and editorial which helps the users to understand the problem and come up with a solution.

One can also apply for jobs in some good companies through HackerRank.

4. InterviewBit

InterviewBit provides a platform to learn, practice, and polish your necessary technical skills. InterviewBit has a worldwide connection with companies and connects you to the right company based on your preferences and skills.


InterviewBit v/s LeetCode

InterviewBit has a smaller set of problems as compared to LeetCode.

When it comes to UI, so, InterviewBit has a very cool UI, whereas LeetCode has a simple and stable one.

If you are practicing for interviews and do not have enough time, then InterviewBit is best for you. LeetCode has a better community as compared to InterviewBit.

If you are someone who likes a gaming environment, then InterviewBit is the one for you.

With its hint and time-based system, they encourage you to solve questions quickly which is expected during interviews as well.

5. Cracking the Coding Interview

“Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions” is a book, about all coding questions and interviews, written by Gayle Laakmann McDowell.

This book was originally published in 2008. Now, the question that arises is,

Is “Cracking the Coding Interview” Really Worth It?

Have you ever thought, about what criteria top organizations or companies select their candidates? Well, undoubtedly it’s programming.

Organizations, usually, look for an effective programmer who could able to write an effective modular code.

And, “Cracking the Coding Interview” mainly focuses on this thing only.

All topics are very well arranged in that book and it also has assignments for almost every topic. If you get stuck in any problem, then you can also look for solutions provided at the back of the book.

AlgoExpert v/s LeetCode v/s HackerRank

But it is not something which you can learn by memorizing or reading. Coding needs continuous practice.

  • If you want to brush up on your coding skills, then HackerRank is the one for you. It is ideal for experimenting with new concepts. HackerRank conducts frequent contests and almost covers all the topics.
  • If you are someone who just loves to code and coding is a hobby for you, then you should go for LeetCode. It has more than 1000 coding questions which you can solve and challenge yourself every day to do better.
  • If you want to practice in an organized way for some top-famous companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, then AlgoExpert is the best place for you with a paid option otherwise you can go with HackerRank or Leetcode.

Leetcode has tons of questions asked in real interviews, even you can also go with the free option to solve 300- 400 questions on Leetcode people usually start cracking coding interviews.

I hope, now, after reading this article, you will find the best coding preparation website for yourself.

When learning to code, a great way to improve your skills and knowledge is to solve different coding problems. Solving coding problems can help you to learn new algorithms and be a good problem solver.

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