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Get on to 6 easy tips for learning Python Programming.

Due to the tremendous growth and future scope of python, it’s a fair decision to learn Python. We commonly receive questions like “How fast can I learn Python?” 

Python is one of the easiest programming languages on the planet, so people from computer science and non-computer science background can dive into it easily. 

Let’s see every programming language is based on logic building and similar frames of syntax. If you are comfortable in one language, you know how to build logic for solving problems. Here’s, how you can you learn Python?

For complete beginners, first, it requires building a foundation around programming and it is the critical part to learn fundamentals. Things become more clear after you learn basic, and so the learning curves take a peak. 

6 Easy Tips for Starting out with Python

Being a beginner-friendly language Python solves the problem of gearing up, and so it is taking places of conventional languages like C and C++ as a beginner choice.

I am also aware of problems students go through in the learning loop and it takes a lot of time than it worths. 

In this article, I’ll tell you some smart and practical strategies to learn python to kick start your journey to be a great Python developer.

1.  Pick A Perfect Course

Join an expert lead Python course with planned learning tracks and meets the employable need that can help you to gain pro experience and skillset.

Here we have listed 6 best Python Courses for getting tech job.

Internet is overloaded with so many paid and free resources for learning python and so it is obvious that you need to have a better distinction in choosing the most effective course for you.

 Also, there are plenty of YouTube channels that teach Python for free rather you can join local Bootcamp or physical courses. 

But we should admit the fact that 90% of people quit online courses without completing them. It still happens because people choose courses without evaluating  properly. 

Check if the course you are joining provides you with good learning material, quizzes, a practical project to have hands-on tools and technology you want to learn.  

Check the courser Python for Programmers, lead by experts from Facebook, Microsoft etc. to help you cracking job interview with text based visual interface.

2. Make A Strategy Before Learning A New Thing

Planning always works whether it is learning Python, cooking or anything. Breaking down and modularizing the whole process of learning Python can help you to have a grip on concepts. 

You need to have a clear pathway about how you are going to learn to code and how much time it takes because I have seen people engaged in the learning loop and they either never come out of it or not enjoy learning completely. 

100 Days Of Python by Angela Yu100 Days Of Python offers a full path for learning Python Programming from basic to a level where you become ready for the job interview or to start your act. It’s a complete 100 days package for taking your Python programming to next level.

3. Regular Revision

The most required thing in learning Python Programming is having a regular revision. 

Over time people forget applying methods and classes of any module and gradually we lose our grip on its underlying principles. 

A Better way of revision is hosting your projects on GitHub and making short notes of useful concepts you have learnt.

You can also keep on taking while you are learning and revise once quickly when you need to use it. There are very few things you need to keep on and having a physical form is what you can revise quickly.

The other way of doing so is having a cheat sheet but having something written by yourself is the most useful resource you need to keep.

4. Learn By Doing

One of the common mistake beginners do while learning to code is only watching lectures or reading textbooks. Only reading and watching lectures do not solve the problem, you need to have your hands dirty with writing codes and thinking logic on your own. 

Where you reach a programming interview,  you may be asked to write code on your own. And believe me, writing code from scratch is not as easy as understanding code parts written by someone else. 

Python is powered with features of easy syntax but it can have much logic compiled in few lines of codes. You can also say logical mathematics to solve the problem by breaking it down into logic. 

5. Learn to debug

It is common to everyone, everyone makes mistake,  has to resolve them my own. A skilled programmer is also good at resolving bugs without any frustration. 

You need to have a proper approach for resolving a bug in your code so that it does not take more time. The right way to do this is to scan your code where execution got failed and make sure everything is working fine. 

The print method can also be your friend to visualize code where you need to check you made a mistake. Another way I would recommend is using a visual studio code debugger, though other IDE  also provides the same feature where you can visualize code by yourself.

6. Do Team Project, Collaborate, Share And Discuss

Surrounding yourself with other programmers who are also learning to code is a favourable way to learn Programming. Work together on code helps people to share 

 knowledge, discuss with other programmers and makes a way to make you a better programmer quickly. 

You can also participate in some open source project but starting something with your friend circle is a better option for beginners. 

Making collaboration with combined knowledge and skills to make something scalable and useful that you alone cannot make is what you get in a team project.

 By doing so use also make a wonderful hold on using GitHub for sharing codebase in collaborating.

From my personal experience of participating in many hackathons, you can also do so for creating something useful, learning to collaborate in a team, meet people and quick learning. 

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