5 Best Online Courses for Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures & Algorithms

Here are some best online courses for Data Structures and Algorithms for interview prep and improving your coding skills.

If you’re new to programming, you can start with Python.

A good knowledge of data structures and algorithm not only helps you to write efficient code, it improves overall logic building skills and helps to discriminate between a good code and bad code. Even coding interviews are based on DSA.

To learn DSA one need to have command on at least one programming language, like C++, JavaScript, Python Java etc. Know – How long does it take to learn Coding?

If you want to learn DSA and want to choose some good courses for your study then you can choose any of the courses given below.

After researching and trying many courses, I am sharing some best Data Structures and Algorithm courses for you by considering effectiveness, time, affordability, rating and flexibility.

Ace The Coding Interview With Educative.io

If you do not want to engage in hour of long videos or looking for a platform where you can practice, read and keep notes from well written tutorials you can try educative. Courses on educative is provided by experts who worked at eBay, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

It can be the right course for FANG coding interview prep and good for visual learners. They have an interactive code editor, visual guides, practice lessons and well-rounded instruction for solving problems. 

They have separate career paths for coding interview with different programming language. 

  1. Ace the Java coding interview
  2. JavaScript coding interview
  3. Ace the Python coding interview
  4. Ace the C++ coding interview

After learning DSA, you can also practice for your interview with the best resource on Educative – try Grokking The Coding Interview.

It has a list of top conceptual questions, which you can directly find in interviews, divided into 17 patterns with best 120 questions.

Each career path on Educative.io is divided into different modules with through explanation of every topics important for job interview.

So, you don’t have to switch between programming languages and you can learn DSA with the language you are comfortable with. 

Because there is no video at all, there’s a text-based course with an easy simple explanation and visual content. 

So you can save more time without the destruction of video and utilise in writing codes and building logic and helps you to take you out of tutorial hell. 

After completing every course on Educative they provide you with certificate of completion.


Educative is a subscription-based platform where you can go either with the annual plan or monthly plan. So you can access all courses with a single purchase and start learning data structures and algorithms.

Get the annual plan with a 40% discount at $ 9.99/ month and a monthly plan with a 20% discount of $47/month. 

Mastering Data Structures And Algorithms Using C And C++

Instructor: Abdul Bari

Platform: Udemy

 You can join one of the popular data structures and algorithm course on Udemy. 

A nice explanation of video-based content can help you to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills using C and C++. 

The instructor also helps you to write a program in C language and then moves toward the same implementation in C++.

 So you can understand the core concept behind popular Data Structures and algorithms.

He provides you with sufficient details with the proper breakdown of theories in the course. 

Therefore people from non-computer science background can also feel confident with the course. 

In the same way, he also provides you with tricks to learn and memorize things. 

After Learning from here you can move on to practice coding quesions and prepare for interview on Leetcode, Hackererank or Algoexpert.

Key Features

  • 53-hour on-demand video
  • Concepts discussed on the whiteboard
  • In-depth analysis of time and space complexity
  • Data structures and algorithms for Coding Interview
  • PDF format of all source codes and exercises are available for download
  • C and C++ are used throughout the course
  • Certificate of completion

Master the Coding Interview: Data Structure and Algorithm

Master the Coding interview – data structures and algorithm

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Andrei Neogi

The course helps you to prepare for the coding interview at top tech companies.

Even students of Andrei has moved on to work with top tech companies around the world like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, Uber etc. 

They have a  live online community of over 400000+ developers, so you get access to their private online chat community on discord to get help throughout the course. 

Big O – Binary Tree

Since the course does not cover itself only around data structure and algorithm, it’s a huge resource to prepare for the technical and non-technical interview. 

The content is organized not simply by implementing data structure and algorithm,  but a good clarity on getting a job at big companies.

By enrolling in the course you can learn about topics in DSA important for a job interview, how to get more offers and negotiation for a rise. 

Also, it is known for making boring parts of data structure and algorithms easy and understandable. 

The course is for anyone who wants to learn DSA, have to command in one programming language and want to improve interviewing programming skills. Though it uses JavaScript as a language to write codes for algorithms.

Key Features

  • Prepares to Solve problems using data structure and algorithm
  • Discord community of 400000+ developers to discuss problems
  • Help to improve interviewing and non-technical skills
  • Downloadable resources and articles
  • Certificate

Data structures and algorithms Specialization By San Diego

Platform: Coursera

Offered by: University of California San Diego, HSE University

The specialization course consists of 6 courses to have an adequate understanding of data structure and algorithm.

The course provides you with the way to learn programming through data structure and algorithms and advance your career with software engineering. The course is designed by great professors from UC San Diego to give you a fair use of the topic. 

It also consists of programming challenges with multiple choice questions that help you to solve complex problems.

You can be able to apply programming techniques and algorithms such as greedy, binary search, sorting etc. 

Basic knowledge of at least one programming language like C++, Java, Python, JavaScript is required. 

Key Features

  • Compiled with 6 small courses from beginner to advanced
  • Approximately 8 weeks are required to complete the course
  • The specialization includes hand on the project
  • Earn a certificate after you finish all courses in the specialization.

JavaScript Algorithms And Data Structures Masterclass

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Colt Steele

It is an interactive course with JavaScript for data structures and algorithms. The course comes with video lectures, coding problems and visual examples. 

Colt prepares you with tips and tricks to help you to choose the best approach to solve problems by using animation and explanatory diagrams. 

This course is for anyone who wants to learn data structure and algorithms for interview preparation and improve problem-solving skills.


Data Structures and algorithms helps programmers to improve problem solving skills with some techniques to manage data efficiently and right tools to approach the solution. Also it has much role in technical interview as interviewers can evaluate candidates knowledge of programming majorly using DSA. A software developers need to be involved in coding, design, maintenance and optimization of software.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the fastest way to learn data structures and algorithms?

In sort: First learn one language and be comfortable with the syntax and programming, you can start with any of C++, Python, JavaScript etc, pick good course or book to learn DSA, practice daily problems on any site. Gradually you can able to implement algorithm and analyze codes and write good codes.

How long will it take to learn data structures and algorithms?

Usually 6 to 8 weeks but you need sufficient practice, as you proceed on learning programming you can improve yourself by making your hands dirty with codes.

Is Python good for data structures?

See, Data Structures are just theories that you can apply on any programming language, it gives you techniques to organize data in memory for fast retrieval. You can learn it with Python but Python have easy syntax and some abstractions also pointers are abstracted in Python. On the other hand C++, Java etc makes you to apply your own data structures with some complexity (but wort it) from scratch with no hiding at all.

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