Why Learn python?

Is Python Worth Learning? Starting Out With Python

Python has been on Rank #1. on Google trends report on People searching  which Language to study and build software Projects. Top companies Like Google, Netflix and Facebook are using Python. Python has a vast supportive young community.

Wyh Learn Python Programming language

Movies in films generally show programmers sitting behind computers and doing some hard kinds of stuff. You might have noticed a stream of 0s and 1s going back and forth on a TV screen probably seems it’s hard to do coding.

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Programming these days are not very hard and all these things have come due to modern programming approaches and great languages like Python.

These days we have a large number of advanced programming languages that are capable of creating scalable software, mobile applications, and websites.

The set of instructions written in programming helps you to write some logics which are capable of solving some particular problems. Python programming is the most sought skills employers are looking for and it has helped employees to get a decent hike in their earning. 

Do you want to learn a new programming language? Are you looking for a good career in Programming? What are some Profitable reasons on Why learn Python?

This article is for you. You are probably thinking about learning Python as you know Python is in trend right now.

Let’s analyze the language Index created by GitHub on searching for various programming languages and learning these languages.

There are you mean the moral language tutorial search on the internet and can help you to find out Why learn Python. And the data is coming from Google Trends by PYPL Popularity.

Maybe the learning trends of python developers have created an interest in you for Python Programming language that’s why learn Python. But surely there are many reasons why Python programming is popular in the market?

The below discussion has plenty of reasons why learn Python as your first Programming language.

I do not want you to miss any points. So that you get half the information right now and let’s jump into what are the career prospects, why learn Python as your first programming language, and what is the reason these programmers are in demand in the market.

I work on assisting bring your software career to the next level, so maybe if you’re new to programming that can suggest learning new technologies like Python.

If you’re more proficient than could be responding to your questions about helping you out with things related to progressing with Python programming language.

Python In Easy Steps

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is almost used by every top multinational companies and software. It is also widely used in a financial institution like PayPal and various other government agencies.

Companies like Uber Netflix Reddit Quora Google and  Facebook are using Python in building automated software, creating reliable enterprise software, and automating operations by DevOps.

Python has the advantage of getting in everywhere regardless of their uses and development mindset. 

Companies Using Python Programmming Language - Reasons for Why You should Learn Python

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python?

1. Easy to learn and write codes in Python

The first point is the easy syntax makes Python a popular language, the syntax is very much similar to English and you can easily understand python syntax even you don’t know to write codes.

It is easier for beginner programmers to pick up Python and create useful software. This will help people who are new or who want to learn Python programming and it’s syntax without much struggle.

So there’s importance of Python for building strong programming foundations.

There’s also very little complexity like you can just start writing a Python program on your machine in less than like 30 minutes. Python comes with its interpreter and you do not need to install a separate compiler. 

It reduces coding burdens and helps you to write a program in much less amount of codes. Compare the counting of 3 number programs in C, Python, and C++. Python takes very less amount of code in building your logics.

2. Python has a Great Career Opportunity

There are lots of jobs available at this time in Python and it has become the demand in the job market in almost every field from maths to statistics, accountancy, management, and even in judicial services.

Let’s look at the data analysis by Payscale on Python below an average Python developer earns roughly $80, 000 as his average salary in the US with the lowest salary of $51, 000 dollar and can go up to $107k.

Python Programmers Salary is also a reson for why Learn Python

Understanding the popularity of Python and the prospect of its technology is the more likely it’s being used in like real enterprise where the capital is being made on top of that code which then allows you to pay developers to proceed on writing the code.

So you have Python with more jobs available and there is more popular in the industry. Python has great support for machine learning and AI.  With all that fun stuff.

Python is a big part of the software domain,  so it is driving a fair amount of programmers and companies to invest in Python. However, in general, the more Python code out there the more programmers will be required to supervise programs.

3. Python has a Vast and Incredibly Supportive Community

According to zdnet.com python is using by 8.2 million peoples. This data is from April 2019. Over time it has grown and has gained a vast developer community.

You can find many open source projects and all your question might be answered on StackOverflow. Python is growing in popularity and now amongst people who are less traditional Python programmers.

Python has been a popular programming language amongst programmers for a very long time.

Python Programming Language Community

That helps beginners and advanced programmers to get software solutions and help in almost any Python projects they are building.

Things like machine learning and statistical solution are those areas there are some prominent and useful libraries in Python due to its growing developer community.

So the prospering favor of python has made it to target almost every spectrum from Machine Learning to Al with TensorFlow, Keras and scikit-learn frameworks, kiwi framework for mobile application development, Tkinter and PYGUI for interactive GUI development, flask and Django for scalable application backend.

Here’s a StackOverflow traffic report to Questions about some popular Python libraries and frameworks.

Panda has grown exponentially over the year from 2012,  next to that in Django has been a constant popular framework for web development.

For that reason, Python is a very approachable language and so all of that has kind of worked concurrently to make Python more popular and that’s a good thing because python is a pretty great language.

So one reasonable reason to learn. It is becoming more popular and the ability to be able to program in Python more valuable for you.

4. Python is the fastest-growing programming language

The most important reason to learn programming language it has high demand and a bright future. Developers are opting for Python and companies are investing a large amount of money.

So it makes python have a long time use and hire developers of the language. If people are working in any language and there is no demand for the language the simple crew here is that they are not going to found any job in that language.

Python is in demand it has good career expect and high paying jobs. Python is everywhere.

If you make a future in AI. You will have a job on time. Google and Facebook like big companies did AI library fully open sources(available for normal people ) and those all libraries are written in python.

Even if you tell the example of online learning Python to provide a great resource to our homemade things for checking assignments and marking then give statistics data analysis in Python on the performance of every student.

Python is so simple and easy to learn that 56% of Python developers are working on their projects.

Python is a high-level language that meant you can easily understand code, you can easily write code, easily debug your code debug means you can easily solve those problems.

Nowadays small, big most companies are working in python. This is also a reason why Python is becoming the fastest-growing programming language.

If you learn python and companies are not working in python the simple thing they will not offer you the job. 

More companies use python more chances for your jobs. Beside this lots of companies are using python if you write python code in the then you can easily run in Mac or Linux without any changing.

You can run also many platforms python has also one good thing you can integrated python code in c,c++ or java and dot net this feature separate from other programming languages.

 It shows importance of Python, as it remained the most popular programming language in 2020 based on the report on the choice of user and companies and Python comprises 29% of all tutorials searched on the internet.

5. Python is operating system independent and can easily be extended.

Python is a portable programming language. The code written on Windows run can on windows, Mac,  Linux, and all other operating systems.

A programmer writing codes for Python does not have to care about any operating system means that they do not have to write separate code for any operating system.

The program can easily be extended it can easily integrate with applications written in other programming languages.

Suppose for the backend you choose Django as a Python framework React as a JavaScript kind of stuff.

They can easily be extended and deployed to make a robust application.

6. Python is fun to learn

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language. if you have some basic idea about working of loops, conditional, and arrays you can easily build scalable software and project of your desire.

Python is fun especially compared to languages like C++,  C, Java, C#. You do not have to additionally install anything for Python, just go to python.org and download the software and start building your projects.

It can be used in regulating your daily tasks like creating PDFs and filling spreadsheets.

 Python Project On Rock Paper Scissors

How Long To Learn Python to get a job

It’s a quite common question on how long to learn python programming language to profitably start career as a python developer. Starting learning Python to make a job ready resume is very important. This infographics help you to learn Python to ace job interview as a developer.

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Final Thoughts

If you want a high salary python could be a reason for you. These were the top 6 reasons for learning python. This was all about why learn Python first as your first language or stick to it to have a good career opportunity in the language. Let me know in the comment below if I have missed anything or whatever you want to share with us.

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