6 Best Java Programming Courses For Beginners/ Intermediate

Best Java courses

In this article, you will get to know about some top-rated Java courses available online. There are many Java courses available on the internet, so I will help you to choose Java courses and certification programs to be a  good Java programmer and find your next job as a Java Developer. 

From the job point of view, I have assessed the Java course by looking at many points. And this review is based on the course syllabus, its usefulness, projects conducted during the course, lecture material, instructor specialization, student reviews, exercises, assignments and resources.

Start Python with these top courses

Best online Java programming courses

1. Object-oriented Java programming Specialization

Object-oriented Java specialization on Coursera covers beginners/intermediate to expert level topics to help you develop powerful interactive software.

Together with object-oriented principles, it can also help you to implement data structure and algorithms to deal with big data, participate in evaluating your code, build technical communication skills and a capstone project that can help you to analyze data from real-world websites.

So, this course is important for one who wants to ace the job interview with coding in Java and enhance his problem-solving skill. 

Plus some selected candidates who complete the specialization are offered practice interviews with Google recruiters.

Mia Minnes, Leo porter and Christine Alvarado are instructors in the course, they are senior computer science professors at the University of California San Diego, and have a lot of achievements in the field of teaching and computer science, so they made this course interesting and valuable. 

This specialization covers 5 courses you have a good grip over the Java programming language to help you crack the Java programming job interview.

  • Object-oriented programming in Java
  • Data structure and performance
  • The advanced data structure in Java
  • Mastering the software engineering interview
  • Capstone project: analysing social network data
Rating 4.7
Offered byUniversity of California San Diego

2. Java programming masterclass on Udemy

Java programming masterclass by Tim buchalka is one of the best selling courses on udemy for learning Java programming, Tim start the course which is fundamental in programming and gradually move to object-oriented features and advanced concepts with java 11 and 17.

This is the complete course on Java ideal for programming jobs and building skills in this programming language, as it deals with all minute terms and concepts.

The best part of this course is, it includes:

  • 80 + hour videos (detail on all topics)
  • 52 coding exercises
  • Downloadable resources and articles
  • Certificate of completion

This course will help you to build your grasp on essential Java syntax, answer the question on Java classes, polymorphism, inheritance etc and apply on real-world application.

Also, the instructor offers hand-holding guidance with full support to answer your questions 7 days a week so that you cannot find yourself stuck in any lesson.

Rating 4.7(3198 ratings)
InstructorTim buchalka
Offered byUniversity of California San Diego

3. Java programming and software fundamentals specialization

Java programming specialization by Duke University can help you to build your career in software development with  Java programming language and helps you to learn the foundation of the Android operating system and build complex problem-solving logic. 

The Java specialisation also consists of the real world projects to help you create your portfolio and mention your skill and experience in Java. 

You will learn to create interactive web page applications, recommendation systems similar to Amazon and Netflix, encryption programs, text generators, file handling and set them on your portfolio.

The Java programming specialisation consists of 5 courses starting with web skills to advanced software development

  • Programming foundations with JavaScript HTML and CSS
  • Java programming: solving problems with software
  • Java programming: array list and structured data
  • Java programming: principles of software design
Rating 4.6
Offered byDuke University

4. Java for programmers on educative.io

Educative.io is an online learning platform that provide a text-based interface, and online interactive courses.

The main feature of educative.io is that you do not have to engage in hours of long videos rather you can practice exercises and read notes to get a pace in your learning. 

The Java programming courses have tons of resources, example codes and structure notes that can help you to prepare for your coding interview and get your revision more quickly. 

It has also some separate courses directed to help you prepare for coding interviews in a particular programming language, so you can go with the coding interview with Java.

Here is educative.io complete review

5. Java programming for Complete Beginners

Java programming for beginners course by Ranga covers all important fundamental topics  for making a good start in Java, he teaches you Java frameworks, object oriented features, and provide hand on exercises and puzzles.

This course includes 31 hours video,  11 article and certificate of completion.

This course also includes rest API with spring boot, main feature of this course is  faculty assists in solving problem and help you understanding queries. He covers all important concept such as Java, packages, functional programming, Array and Linked list, object oriented programming, file handling and multithreading etc. 

Rating 4.5
Offered by18 minutes official

6. Java in-depth: Become a complete Java engineer

Java in-depth course on udemy is created to give you an in-depth understanding of core java and advanced features of Java with JVM internals. You will learn creating real world application using most used technologies like mySQL JSP and servlets. 

This course provides you 67 hour videos with 290 downloadable resources, coding exercises and assignments. 

This is one of the most structured course for teaching you Java programming with best practices on exceptions, IO, collections, framework, multithreading, databases etc.

Rating 4.5
InstructorDhiru Mundluru


These are 6 best java courses available online that I found useful and have offers best value under these price, you can grab any of these based on your interest and start learning for your Java developer job.

Java developers are in great demand in software industry so it can open up opportunity to progress in your career both in private and public sector. 

I hope this article has helped, if you have other courses in mind you can share with us in the comment.

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