6 Best Online Resources for Learning Python

Best Python Courses

Python has become the world’s most popular programming language not only because of its understandable syntax and fast development but also Python programmers are in great demand in the software industry.

Start with these best online resources for learning Python and learn it as a  new skill. Know the career growth in learning Python?

It’s a tedious task to opt for best Python course for learning effectively because the internet is overloaded with plenty of resources.

And, it is really difficult to decide where you should learn to get most of its benefit at an employable level. 

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Best Online Resources For Learning Python

Here are the top 6 Python courses where you can start learning Python today. Considering many factors like course curriculum, projects, time, learning material, review and successful students, I have selected these courses.

These Python programming courses worth every penny you spend on purchasing because after trying and researching many online tutorials I am recommending these Python Programming courses. 

Selecting the course wisely to continuously progressing on the path of software development is tough but important. 

You can make a plan of how long you should learn Python. Please go through the list and also let me know if there are extra resource should be included here.

100 Days Of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp 2021

I am personally a big fan of Dr Angela Yu courses, a lead instructor at app brewery London Bootcamp. It is the highest rated course on Udemy with 96000+ enrolled students and 10000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews.

100 Days of Python is a commitment you have to make to learn Python means to code for 100 days. 

So lessons in the course are structured to teach Python programming language with 100 projects in 100 days where you learn to build websites, apps, games, learn data science etc. 

What to Expect on – 100 Days of Python ?

They have a properly planned way to take your Python Skill at next level. To be consistent with the course you need to commit one hour every day. Also, the course does not require any prior programming experience.

It help you to take your programming journey from beginner to the professional level.

Lessons come with an animated explanation of video lectures, code challenges,  real-world projects, programming resources, cheat sheets and many downloadable resources.

Day wise Syllabus for the Course 100 Days of Python

100 days of Python provides you with the training to use Python in your daily life with tools and technologies used at Netflix and other tech companies.

So, opting for the course is a good investment in learning Python to be capable of applying for programming jobs. Completing the course for 100 days (say 3 months) can improve your coding and also gives you a feel of how professionals create software.

Python For Programmers on Educative.io

The second number in the list we’ve  Educative.io’s Python For Programmers because of its specularity of providing you with a no video platform. If you are a fast learner or not want to be immersed in hours of long videos(that also kills productivity) so educative.io would be the best option.

Python For Programmers

Because the platform is completely text-based with an interactive code editor to try on the go, visuals, examples,  easy driving learning material and problem sets.

They provide you with ultimate access to all their courses on a single purchase with a certificate of completion on each.

They have a wide variety of courses like system design, coding interview preparation, web development, devops etc that you can complete in committed time limit.

I specifically like Ace the Coding Interview With Python as they help you to prepare for the coding interview by making a strong foundation in Data Structure and Algorithm. Also it has practice resources with emphasis on real questions asked in real coding interviews

2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero To Hero In Python

The course is a professional way to start learning Python with proper planning and resources to create applications and games. The instructor of the course Jose Portilla starts with the fundamentals of Python teaches you the basics of Python 2 and Python 3.

He introduces new features like collection module and timestamp. The course also consists of milestone projects –  Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack and one final project – Capstone Python project. Get the python Project for Rock Paper and Scissors.

Complete Python Bootcamp Zero to Hero

The course also has a clear explanation of object-oriented programming and using it on your code. It also focuses on building your grip on basic data structures in Python and implementing your logic to write code of your own.  So through this way, it helps you to find your career as a software developer in Python.

This course is standard for learning the basics building blocks of Python and moving towards a career field where you can learn machine learning,  AI, Web Development and Data Science. So it compiles the complete understanding of Python from zero levels to pro Python developer. Learn Coding for Beginners- How to get a high paying job?

Complete Python Developer in 2021:  Zero to Mastery

Course Instructor: Andrei Neagoie. The course introduces you to modern python technologies to be able to fluent in Python. They also have an online community of over 400000 + developers to discuss and share your knowledge.

Zero to Mastery course is created by industrial experts and many of Andrei Neagoie students are working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook and other top tech companies.

Opps Explained – Python Zero TO Mastery

The course will help you to build a strong foundation in Python, understand the concept of OOPs, with machine learning models and professional portfolio ready websites. 

It also consists of 12+ real-world Python Projects to show off on your resume. It is a fun way of learning python with an up to date course, as it focuses on efficiency and assists you to not spend your time on inefficient and confusing tutorials anymore.

Learn Python Programming Masterclass

This course helps you to have a fundamental understanding of the Python Programming language and acquire the prerequisite Python skills. It can help you to move into specific branches like machine learning, data science and web development.

By learning in this course you can hold the skills needed for your first Python Programming job or find a more senior position or build your apps.

Python Programming Masterclass

Instructor: Tim Buchalka (voted top 10 udemy instructor awards) and Jean-Paul, both of them are excellent teachers and constantly improving and updating the course. This is the best practice for Python programmers that employers demand.

It comes with 61 hours of on-demand videos, 14 articles, downloadable resources and all paid courses have a certificate of completion. 

The Python Bible – Everything you Need to Program in Python

This course teaches you to build 11 projects and go from beginner to Pro Python developer. It helps you to seek your fun in building Python projects by gaining a solid and unforgettable Python programming language skill.

The course is just a perfect length of 9 hours so you learn the Python fundamentals and gain your pace in development.

Data Types – The Python Bible

The Python course teaches you the core fundamentals of Python programming so you can get started confidently on your Python Programming path. 

Final words:

So these are Python courses that I found useful. There is also some platform other than Udemy where you can  Learn Python the programming language. I have mentioned only 6 programming courses to help you not get confused and waste your money on ineffective tutorials.

Though you can find many free Python resources and tutorials on YouTube as well, I recommend a structured way of learning to code in Python and come out of the tutorial hell. The essence of programming comes with practice, so as much you spend time with Python the more you can learn in the way to gain more experience.  

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