Best way to Learn SQL Online in 2021

how to learn sql

SQL is an in-demand skill that employers are looking for in web developers and database administrators. 

More than 40% of jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn are looking for skills in SQL with the highest requirement, followed by Python, machine learning etc. 

So here’s the best way to learn SQL online to have a career in database administration or web development.

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If you are looking for your first job in these fields, it can be even harder without the knowledge of SQL and DBMS, however, you can learn it in less than a month. 

So we can say SQL is one of the must-have skills in the field of web development and data administration.

You might have figured out the importance of learning SQL. It is also the fact that approximately all big tech companies are using SQL and the number is ever increasing. 

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Huge and complex data of Google, Microsoft and Amazon are built by the high-performance database with the use of SQL to query data and to perform analysis. 

What is SQL?

SQL (stands for structured query language) is a programming language to manage, manipulate and retrieve data stored in a relational database.  

Learn SQL

 It is so easy to learn that anyone on the planet can learn it easily. 

So I will share with you the way to learn SQL faster, effectively and provide you with the list of best tutorials for learning SQL. 

5 Best Courses To Learn SQL in 2021

I have put down the five best SQL courses available on Udemy and Treehouse to learn SQL. And I guarantee you deserve the most comprehensive online resources to learn SQL and databases with most of the focus on workplace practice.

Complete SQL Database Bootcamp by Andre Neogi

Complete SQL and Databases Bootcamp Zero to Mastery
Complete SQL Bootcamp

The course combines all modern SQL and database features with best practice in SQL and database management and design.

By joining the course you get access to a live online community of over 400000+ students to discuss and learn together in the course.

The course combines databases like Postgres SQL, MySQL, Redis +more. It also teaches you fair practice for designing the database you want to create and the course is recommended for both beginners and advanced programmers who want to build a career in database and SQL. 

SQL Bootcamp 2021 – Go from Zero To Hero by Jose Portilla

The Complete SQL Bootcamp for the Manipulation and Analysis of Data
SQL Bootcamp – on Udemy

A 9-hour video-based course with downloadable resources and learning material that helps you to read and write complex queries to the database. 

These skills are also applicable to other platforms running the SQL database.

 And you learn basic SQL syntax, learn using useful commands like groupby, join, create a table in the database. 

Also, you learn to use it further advancing your SQL skill.

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go From SQL Beginner to  Expert

Build MySQL Databases Bootcamp (Beginner to Expert Course)
MySQL Bootcam by Colt Steele

Here you learn to create complex databases and structure reports through real-world projects using MySQL. 

You can model real-world data and generate reports furthermore you will get to use in web projects using MySQL and node.js.

In the course, you will learn to work with a large data set containing thousands of entries and as a project, you will create a photo-sharing social network clone database.

Analyse big data with SQL

Analyzing Big Data with SQL
Analyzing Big Data with SQL

Top-rated SQL training program on Coursera platform that starts with basic knowledge of SQL and helps you to expand your skills in big data. The instructor has focused on SQL engines like Apache Impala and Apache hive and teaches databases like Postgres SQL and MySQL.

Learn MySQL Tutorial – Free is a website dedicated only to the My SQL database.

They have a complete text-based tutorial with easy to follow SQL scripts and visuals, with a fairly practical and big database. Here’s Mysql Cheat sheet for learning Mysql fast and easily.

Learn Database and Web Development on Treehouse

They have courses available for Database and by signing up to Team Treehouse you get access to all of their courses on web development, mobile application development and software development. They have a community with great resources, if you are stuck you can and get people to review your code. Is Team Treehouse Worth it? Treehouse Review for learning to code.

How long does it take to learn SQL?

It should take about 2 to 3 weeks to master basic concepts of SQL with taking notes and start working with SQL databases. But for the real-world modelling of the database, you will need to have your command on it and it requires practice and finally time.

What are Some Best Ways to Learn SQL?

Moving to the best way to learn SQL online considering skills for career development.

First, you should learn the basic syntax of SQL. 

You can also start with MySQL because it Is a widely used open-source relational database, and all other SQL based databases are pretty much similar. 

Here’s how you can proceed in learning SQL database 

Install server on your computer

Install dependency and server on your local computer, you can also use pre-build SQL data for learning. If you are using MySQL you can install MySQL workbench and server.

Take it slow

You may want to move faster and learn SQL as quickly as possible, but sometimes slow learning proves better than fast learning. The idea is to have sufficient practice before moving forward. Take it slow, write simple queries then master basics. 

Start taking notes

The logics and syntax of SQL are pretty much straightforward, but you may forget the concept if it is not in proper use. So along with your practice taking notes also confirms better. 

Follow Tutorial/Resources

Online courses will help you to learn SQL quickly and effectively if you are preparing for the tech interview these courses can also prove better. 

And most honourably, you can feel confident putting SQL skills on your resume. 

Is SQL worth learning?

As said earlier most companies are using SQL databases. SQL is one of the oldest programming language used since 1970. it also motivates you to learn other programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Also, it will retain its importance for years, so you can find most of the jobs in data administration and web development looking for skills in SQL.

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