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CSE full form – Computer science and Engineering is one of the profitable field having too much fun there. Maybe You have the knack of Learning New technology, In your schooldays, you have ripped of the Computer book cover page to express your love for the subject.

Explore Career in Java Script and Java. Get the difference between Java and JavaScript. If it is so, computer science might be best suitable and ideal career choice for you.

So, you got the Full form of CSE. It is quite necessary for you to know the career opportunities in Computer Science and Engineering.

Here are the top 7 High Paying jobs in Computer Science that you could get with a computer science degree:

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing field in whole world.
Jobs in Computer Science  that are ranked higher as having some of the
highest salaries in India, U.S and rest of the world.This field is
emerging with new technologies every year. It’s no surprising that
Computer Science jobs are changing today’s job market. A computer
science degree will prepare you for in-demand jobs today and give you
the foundational skills you need to succeed.

CSE Full Form in Engineering - Career Overviews and Computer Engineering Salary

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1. Full Stack Web Developer


A full stack web developer is someone who is comfortable in both front-end and back-end web development. They can get the high paying job as a full stack developer.

Using knowledge of how to build web applications from start to finish. A full stack developer can plan, manage, and build software. A full stack web developer on large project or on any startups are able to manage both the data, its databases, external and internal designs of the web software.

If you like to learn about new concepts, management of websites or parts of web applications and technologies. This could be an best career option for you. Demands for the job of web developers are estimated to grow 13% by 2026, which is faster than the average rate for every other occupation.

Average Salary of Full Stack Web Developer In India : Rs. 3L – 4L
Average Salary of Full Stack Web Developer In U.S. : $88,488

2. Android & IOS Developer


Smartphone User in the whole world is 5 times larges than desktop users.
Android developers are in demand and therefore this is a good time for you to consider for Android or IOS development as a stable career option.

As smartphone and small devices technology continues to evolve, the need for skilled mobile app developers has grown 19% Till Now. As an app developer , you’ll create application software for different operating systems such as iOS, Windows, and Android.

You’ll need experience of working on the programming languages like Java, C++, C, and Python,etc . As an android or other mobile application developer , you’ll rise your creativity as you work with product and design teams to understand user needs and create technical solutions.

Average Salary In India: 3.5L-5L
Average Salary In U.S. : $90,947

3. Software Engineer


A software engineer writes programme that helps computer applications to run smoothly and execute all its logic properly. In this role, you are responsible for testing and debugging part of the applications on which your project is based on.

You will get opportunity to work closely with cross-functional partners. You should know and understand programming languages like C++,Java ,Python, or Ruby. However the requirements for software engineering jobs in the computer science filed can vary from role to role. There are certain skills on programming Languages that every developer needs.

The Computer Science degree as B.Tech. or Major In Computer is suitable one and can get you prepared to apply for the computer science jobs.

Average Salary In India : 2.5L to 6L
Average Salary in U.S. : $104,463

4. Systems Administration Or Architect

A systems Admin or architect is someone who develops and maintains computer systems , its administration and networks.

In this role you will manage data contributed by many people in the team, plan, and design technology to deal with the data and coworkers on different system with different dependencies.

It meet your organization’s IT architecture needs. It’s important for Systems Architecture to have detailed knowledge of software engineering techniques, Operating System and their architecture ,as they work closely with developers.

Average Salary In India: 4.1L – 7L
Average Salary IN U.S.: $108,450

5. Machine Learning Engineer


Although we talk about AI and machine learning as broad categories, the jobs available are more in adequate.
Machine Learning and AI Developer are in High demand In India And Silicon Valley.

Now This is a great time to pursue a career as a Machine Learning (ML) engineer. The demand of Machine Learning and AI jobs increases every year, and IT personal with a hands on Machine Learning skill set are in high-demand in many industries.

As a Machine Learning and AI Engineer, it will be your job to build and deploy ML systems that can automatically learn and improve independently Companies like Google, Microsoft, Tesla etc are building technologies with machine Learning.

Machine learning is the field of AI that gives computer the ability to learn on its own without any human intervention at higher accuracy.

This is an incredibly innovative field of job in which you’ll build new technologies that help push the field forward and can learn and develop by self.

A Machine Learning expert should be well versed in data structures and algorithms, how to build neural networks and structure machine learning projects, and probabilistic graphical models.

Python is the most used language for ML. A Computer Science degree will set you up for success and give you the foundational coding skills that are crucial for success.

Average Salary In India: Rs 7L
Average U.S. Salary: $120,931

6. Data Science Engineer

What is Data Science?
What are the top data science High Paying Job opportunities to explore?

The logic used by the computer programmer to interact with the data available to you and give these data an new fold is what the work of data science developer.

In this role, you’ll develop and maintain large and complex databases as well as large-scale data processing data on the systems.

As an important member of data analytics or engineering teams, a data science engineer must be comfortable working collaboratively.

This role requires knowledge of query and database skills of various available databases.

Average Salary IN India : 7L
Average Salary IN U.S. : $137, 776

7. IT Project Manager


Project Managers finds and works on the technical problems for their company or a client organization, proposes solutions and tips to enhance productivity to their working organization.

Project managers are in the role to coordinate IT sector and the efforts of a team of programmers and developers.

Problem-solving skills and a broad knowledge of computer technology and systems help computer science engineers to get job in this role.

Strong communication skills are required to fulfill the needs of users and convey technical specifications to developers.

According to Pay scale, project managers earn an average income of $87,907.

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