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Daily Tools Getting a New Life in the Classroom

Tools getting a new life in the classroom lie in the invention of certain modern

Nowadays, the new device – is the new trend. It has become quite boring
and unproductive to use old methodic in the classroom, therefore modern
scientists invented a lot of new methods that seem to be quite impressive and
helpful for the learning.

Daily Tools In Classroom

Trends rely on a new learning paradigm – life long learning. To be in demand today in the labor market, to be competitive in the modern world, it is necessary to constantly learn and develop.

All such trend was the result of the fourth industrial revolution, symbolized not only by the emergence and spread of new technologies. But also by continuous changes in models, models of competencies and methods of organizing work.

Key indicators of life-long learning:

  • Adaptability and individualization of training.
  • Openness and accessibility of educational material.
  • Flexible and less formalized relations between the company and employees.
  • Relevance of the generated knowledge and skills.
  • The emphasis is not on the transfer or reproduction of knowledge, but on teaching the main skill – the ability to learn.
  • Smart skills – the behavioral skills of successful interaction with other people.

So, what are the trends and tools for learning in 2020?

    1.Micro learning

Micro learning is the training of a small amount of material in a short period of time. This is a growing trend in recent years. We have to live in conditions of information abundance and overload.

The volume of information is constantly increasing, memorization and mastering all at once is impossible.

According to a number of studies, new information is best perceived within the first 20 minutes. The maximum level of attention levels in a person is the first 5 minutes. It was this idea that formed the basis for the concept of micro-teaching.

Micro-learning allows students to receive information in small portions, master knowledge in a condensed form. Most often, this format is used in e-learning. It can be interactive video, audio podcasts, quizzes, etc.

You can choose from several attractive and innovative formats. All these are multi-format solutions supported on desktop computers / laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones.

The length of information blocks is a key factor in micro-teaching. One big topic is divided into several short videos explaining some specific component. Video lessons last for 2-3 minutes, at the end of each lesson a key thought is repeated. The trainee must learn, and then perform a small test for 3-5 questions to remember the material.

     2. Socialization

The next is to learn from each other. To transfer both professional knowledge and experience, and to form knowledge and skills of constructive interaction with people at the interpersonal and social levels.

It is better to organize such an education option in an informal setting, for example, in corporate cafes and co-workings. Alternatively, create on-line communities, forums, where participants share their experience, problems and ideas for their solution.

Discussion of the material contributes to its better assimilation, and also allows us to promptly perform feedback and so form meaningful connections within the team.

Such a training format raises the efficiency of employees, allows you to see, evaluate, compare the actions of students with their own, measure the consequences. So that draw conclusions and adjust their steps in accordance with the information received in a safer and more comfortable environment.

This format of training fits well into the mentoring system, it is important only to provide colleagues with convenient tools for transferring knowledge.

In addition, if the learning process is transferred to the public space, for example, in communities in social networks. Then it is possible because simultaneously form a pool of loyal customers and attract future applicants. The only thing is to ensure that confidential information remains the same.

       3. Virtual Reality (VR)

This is a technically created world in which a person feels close to how he feels in the real world. It is a technology that allows you to develop the necessary skills in a safe environment.

Using helmets and virtual reality glasses, the learner is placed in a virtual environment very similar to reality, where he can gain professional experience and knowledge.

The format of training is especially relevant for a profession with a high level of risk or those areas where it is difficult to design a classical training – doctors, pilots, skyscrapers, etc.

      4. Gaming

Gaming is the use of gaming approaches, which are widely distributed in computer games, for non-gaming processes.

In education gaming is a powerful tool for increasing motivation and involvement of employees in the learning process. It is not by chance that it fell into the trends and every year it gets stronger.

To present serious content in an entertaining form, enter game characters, prescribe rules and tests for the transition to the next level of training .

All this contributes to better mastering of the material and greater involvement of participants. Developers of games know how dopamine works and the necessary behavior patterns. And Are are formed, and use this knowledge to make learning really interesting and attractive.

At the same time there is a tendency to switch from simple badges, ratings, experience. All These points to more thoughtful integrations of game mechanics into educational processes – sociality, real bonuses for achievements, etc.

All this is reflected in business simulations of live action and computer, desktop and business games, quests, distance learning courses . These have features like voice recognition, interactive simulators, etc.

According to the forecasts of experts, the growth of game software for company personnel in 2020 will continue and, perhaps, its number will exceed the number of offers for customers.

    5. Mobility of training / Multichannel


If previously the mobility of training meant the presence of a computer and access to the Internet, then today it is the opportunity to learn at any time, anywhere and from any device, using short time intervals that everyone has – on the way to the office, in line or on a run.

Developers of e-learning now solve the problem of transferring training courses to the mobile format, trying to make Learning Management Systems (LMS) accessible even outside the corporate network.

It does not matter if there is a computer or just a smartphone. There is an internet connection or not. The availability of the product on the computer and several types of mobile platforms is important.

Important offline access, synchronization on different devices and testing with saving results.

The market of mobile training systems is growing every year, gradually coming to a new level. The content is presented in a convenient form. So,  there are applications for training with advanced functionality.

On-line knowledge testing, audio lectures, training videos and presentations . Consequently, all this can be studied, read in a convenient place and at a convenient time.

Many corporate educational portals adapted their sites to the multi-platform mode and created applications for smartphones, which made the training more flexible, intensive and efficient.

Therefore it is valuable to receive knowledge everywhere – in networked educational resources, media education projects, social platforms.

As you see, there appeared quite a lot of different tools that will help to make the process of studying more productive and fun. So, Boring lectures in the classroom are no longer actual.

Nowadays, the understanding of the classroom is associated with modern tools for education, mobility and socialization. These are the classrooms of the future.


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