What Is Difference between HTML and HTML5?

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Difference between HTML and HTML5 : There are many difference between HTML and HTML5 like HTML doesn’t support audio and video but HTML5 support audio and video with tag <audio> and <video>. HTML5 is more easier than HTML4. In HTML5 new tag were added and it is very useful, new tags are <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <main>, <audio>, <videos> and many more. Before HTML5 graphics not supported by machine but after HTML5 it can be possible. Graphics is supported by machine after HTML5 is published. If you want to learn some motivational book like Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Pdf Free Download in Hindi then read it by given PDF download link. Learn coding from codeacademy pro, here is the complete codeacademy pro review.

What Is HTML?

HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language, it is also known as HTML full form is Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used as skeleton of webpage. HTML layout the webpage using its markup language. Hypertext means link between two or more webpage. Markup language means latex document under the tag which define the the structure of the web page. The markup language that used in HTML is used as annote text so that machine can understand easily this language.

It is used as primary language of webpage, other language is also used for web development search a CSS and JavaScript. HTMLwere updated many times and the latest HTML version is HTML5.

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Difference Between HTML and HTML5

Now we have to discuss the main topic that is “Difference Between HTML and HTML5“. Many new features were discovered this is mainly difference between. So we discuss by given below table :

Hypertext markup language primary language of web development.HTML5 new version of HTML with menu functions and graphics.
It doesn’t supports audios and videos clip.It supports audio and video clip with tag <audio>, <video>.
It doesn’t allow JavaScript to run in background.Allow JavaScript to run in background due to new features in HTML that is HTML5.
It doesn’t all to draw shape like Circles, Rectangles, Squares.HTML5 allow to draw shape like Circles, Rectangles, Squares.
It works with all old browser.It supports only new browser like Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
It mainly less Mobile-friendly.HTML5 totally Mobile-friendly.
Html cannot handle accurate syntax.HTML5 can handle inaccurate syntax.
In HTML some attributes like charset, async and ping are unsupported.In HTML5 attributes like charset, async and ping are supported and work easily.
In HTML it is impossible to track the GeoLocation by browser.But in HTML5 it is possible to track GeoLocation by browser and also exact location tracked by browse.

How Many Tags are Renewed or Removed in HTML5?

In HTML5 many many new tag is discovered and many tag were removed or replace by CSS. In below Table HTML tags were given and condition in HTML5 is also given you can see it.

<centre>CSS is used instead this tag
<font>CSS is used instead this tag
<basefont>CSS is used instead this tag
<tt>CSS is used instead this tag
<big>CSS is used instead this tag
<strike>CSS is used instead this tag

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