FreeCodeCamp Review 2021 – Is FreeCodeCamp Wort It?


FreeCodeCamp is a non-profitable and donor-supported organization that helps people in learning all the required and necessary coding skills by offering those coding questions, challenges, coding boot camp, project ideas, and self-learning.

As the name suggests, it’s completely free and at no cost, it provides coding lessons, questions, articles, and many interactive sessions to people who genuinely want to learn to code and wants to build a career in it.

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In this Freecodecamp review, we’ll closely look at its features and programs.

With the rise of popularity of the technical world, the need for skilled developers is constantly increasing with time, and for developing skills, one needs to be strong with their basics.

So,  FreeCodeCamp helps you to learn to code and develop your skills and is a perfect place for self-paced learners.

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Let’s have a look at the features of Freecodecamp and if is Freecodecamp good for you…

Features Of FreeCodeCamp

Content Quality

The quality of the content which you are learning matters a lot because you can learn new things easily but can’t ever unlearn them by doing anything.

Also, learning the wrong things can be a great disadvantage for your career life because learning things requires time and effort and if you invest your time and effort in the wrong thing. Then it can be surely a disadvantage and will be of no use in the end.

I recommend freeCodeCamp to everyone who is looking to upgrade their skills in any course, but this platform is especially a perfect and right place for people who want to learn web development. After completing its web development course, you will have the complete knowledge of developing a web page. And will easily be able to design a complete, flawless web page on your own.

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FreeCodeCamp is designed in such a way that even an amateur can start learning to code here who has no prior knowledge of it. It is specially designed for complete beginners, to help them out in becoming complete professionals. A person having zero prior knowledge of coding can still register here and starts learning.

Here, the presentation of the content is really approachable and easy to learn. So, if you want to learn to code, then freeCodeCamp is your place to go for.

Ease of use

This is one of the key features of e-learning platforms that should be taken care of seriously. An e-learning platform should be easy to use for the ease of learning for the users because if an e-learning website is difficult to use and navigate through, then nobody will really like to use it further after only one use.

The best part about freeCodeCamp which makes it unique is the simplicity of its user interface. The user interface is super easy to use and navigate through and is even unique for its simplistic designs.

Once you enter a particular lesson or course that you want to learn, you will get some instructions on the left of the screen and a few interactive examples on the right.

The only thing which is slightly annoying about it is it has some technical issues and difficulties. But a user gets to face all these issues only once or hardly twice while using it, which is not much of a big deal and can be ignored.

Overall, if you use this platform, you will surely get a pleasing experience.

Practicing your skills

After learning a new thing, if you get the chance of applying the knowledge and skills, which you have gained, into practice then your grip will become stronger over your knowledge and skills.

In freeCodeCamp, you get this opportunity of applying your knowledge and skills into practice with some other non-profitable organizations. This feature will be really helpful for people who want to acquire a job as a developer in top companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Here, you will also get the chance to study various lessons and aspects of coding from a designated coding lesson list, and once you are done with all these lessons and final projects, you will also get an official certification to represent your achievement.

You won’t get to practice many coding competitions over here, but with its thorough and straightforward learning techniques, you will get an amazing experience that surely will be worthy for your personal and career growth.

Learning Experience

One of the major objectives of freeCodeCamp is it focuses on how to make the learning experience for its users worthy.

As I have already mentioned above, it focuses more on beginners learning, so that people who have complete zero experience in coding can also be able to learn it facing no difficulty. Even though being a free e-learning platform, it provides its users with the best possible videos, articles, and interactive sessions related to coding.

Overall, freeCodeCamp always focuses on providing its users with the best possible learning experience with no difficulties.

Is FreeCodeCamp Wort It?

FreeCodeCamp is an amazing e-learning platform for coding, especially for self-learners. So, if you are a self-learner, finds happiness, joy, and satisfaction while coding, are good at keeping and following your schedule, and looking for a good e-learning platform, then there’s no doubt that freeCodeCamp is just for you. So, just go and register yourself and start learning to code…

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