DataCamp Review: Is DataCamp Worth it?


Is Data Camp worth it?

Do you want to learn or gain more knowledge about data science and R Programming and want to make a career pathway, then DataCamp is made for you and waiting for you.

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Now, you might be wondering, what exactly DataCamp is, what DataCamp does, is DataCamp wort it, features, and many other things like this. So, let’s look deep into the DataCamp review.

What is DataCamp? – Is Data Camp worth it

DataCamp is an interactive online course providing and learning platform, commonly known as a MOOC-providing platform (Massive Open Online Course) established in 2014.

DataCamp specializes in providing online courses to students all over the world with the aim of teaching them all the
basic and necessary skills that one might need to work with data in their comfort zone.

DataCamp Platform Review – Is Data Camp worth it

DataCamp has nearly 350-400 courses that focus on a wide variety of data science courses from Python to Excel and Spreadsheets.

Its courses have short videos with expert teaching and immediate exercises to gain the maximum from the course.

One of the best and interesting features of DataCamp is “XP”, also known as “experience points”.

By performing some sort of task, exercises, or completing courses, users can earn their XP.

This XP doesn’t really have any practical usage but it’s a super interesting and effective way to encourage students to complete their courses and tasks.

DataCamp Pros

If we talk about the pros of DataCamp, then a few points which can’t be missed are:

1. Ease of use

DataCamp is an E-learning platform that is really easy and fun to use in general, find things or navigate through. The best part about DataCamp is its platform design, which is simple but at the same point extremely attractive and makes it a great choice for easy learning.

Another thing you get there is, there will be no ads, pop-ups, or “recommended pages” you get here to annoy and distract you.

2. Content Quality

For an E-learning or online education-based company to survive, having a good reputation is a very prominent factor
and for that, quality content should be at the top of the priority list. These courses are lead by over 270 experts from the data science community.

datacamp courses
DataCamp Course Video

Most students and users of DataCamp seem to truly enjoy their content. The most common
complaints about DataCamp are it is way bit text-based. But all these issues and aspects are worth
working on DataCamp.

3. Free Content

You can start DataCamp with $0/months where you can some content and learning materials for free. Data Literacy courses like Data Science for everyone, Data Literacy for everyone, Machine Learning for everyone for absolutely free.

DataCamp Tracks

Along with courses, DataCamp also offers Track learning programs…

1. DataCamp Skill Track

This is one of the best features of DataCamp helps you to select the courses which will give you a good and complete knowledge of a particular skill according to your preference and help you to get the most from your selected courses. The Skill Track has an overall of 51 programs like Python Fundamentals, Excel, and many more.

datacamp skill track
DataCamp Skill Track

2. DataCamp Career Track

Here, unlike Skill Track, you will get a bunch of selected courses by experts that has everything you need and to guide you for a successful career in a specific field. The Career Track offers an overall of 14 programs.

datacamp career track
DataCamp Career Track

Price of the Courses

Unlike other E-learning platforms, DataCamp displays all its prices very clearly to its users. You can find a clear place
The “Pricing” button at the top of the main page, which leads you to the pricing plan of DataCamp.

DataCamp provides two options for plans for you to choose from-
programs and courses for individuals and businesses.

  • The individual plan has three choices and you can get a “free plan” as well. The free plan has only 7 available projects and a limited amount of challenges to practice. On the other hand, if you choose a paid plan, then you will get access to more than 500 challenges to practice and 200+ courses.
  • The business plan has two choices but both the plans give you full
  • access to the whole content.

Popular DataCamp Courses

1. Data Scientist with R

It is a career track that will help you to gain knowledge of R skills that you need to be a data scientist for your career.

Here, you will get a chance to work on some real-world databases and no prior coding experience is required. This course will take 76 hours to complete and has 4.5 ratings out of 5.

2. Data Analyst with Python

It is also a career track that will help you to gain the knowledge of Python skills that you need to be a successful data analyst. Here, you will get hands-on experience with some of the popular python libraries through interactive and interesting exercises. This course will take 62 hours to complete and has 16 courses in total.

3. Python Programming

It is a skill track course that will help you to gain knowledge of python skills to become a successful Python programmer. Here, you will learn basic python skills and build a base for your python journey. This course will take 15 hours to complete and has 4.5 ratings out of 5.

4. Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python

It is a skill track that will help you to gain knowledge of basic concepts of machine learning. This is a perfect course for beginners. It will take 20 hours to complete and has 4.5 ratings out of 5.

5. Data Scientist with Python

It is a career track that will help you to gain knowledge of basic Python skills that you need to be a successful data scientist. There is no need for any prior coding experience for this course.

This course will take 88 hours to complete and has 4.5 ratings out of 5.

Codecademy v/s DataCamp

First, let’s have a look at what Codecademy actually is

So, Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers data science skills and coding courses in almost 10+ languages from beginner to advance such as Java, Python, and C++.

datacamp vs codecademy

Is DataCamp really worth it?

If you want to gain knowledge and upgrade your skills in data science, then DataCamp is an ideal option for you to go with. Here, you will get access to multiple programming language and

data science courses which will be totally worth your career building and future.

DataCamp offers you quality content, a flexible learning environment, and many other benefits that will make your learning interesting.

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