How To Become a Python Backend Developer

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Want to be a Python backend developer and wondering how…

Well, this article will help you to learn Python for backend development and start your career as a profitable Python developer.

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How To Become A Python Developer

The craze for different programming languages and web development in the technical world isn’t hidden from anyone anymore.

Python Developer

Especially, the field of web development has grown massively over the past couple of years. That’s why, most of the top organizations, brands, and companies have realized that for expanding their reach and clients circle.

They need to have a good, strong, and effective online presence along with the organization’s physical growth.

Hence they seek and want to hire more skilled web developers.

For this reason, the demand for python developers has increased in the market.

Now, there’s one thing that needs to be clarified under this topic. There are three categories of web developers: frontend, backend, and full-stack.

So, in this article, I am going to tell and explain all the things regarding becoming a backend developer. So, first let’s see, what exactly a backend developer is and what his job is…

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What is a Backend Developer, and what is his job?

Like many of you, all might know the fact that usually, things are not that simple as they seem to be, and the same thing goes with computer structures as well.

All the data that you give or store in your system, your application store them on the server-side and later you serve the output to your clients on the client-side.

So, the server-side of your system is known as the backend and that’s the place where all the major workings of your web applications take place and the crucial role and job of a backend developer lie.

Backend Developers are usually responsible for writing codes using different programming languages for making web applications function.

Along with writing codes, these developers are also responsible for making mobile versions or apps and APIs for web applications.

How to become a Python Backend Developer?

To become a python backend developer, you need to learn and get familiar with the basics of python, learn web development frameworks of Python (either Flask or Django).

You need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of front-end technologies and frameworks, and need to know some basic database management concepts.

For frontend developemt you can start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and further learn frotend frameworks like React or Angular.

Python backend development require a basic understanding of Python and fronted technologies, you need to learn server application management and working with API, database and CI & CD (comes under Devops).

Learn Fundamentals of Python

Well, it’s pretty obvious that for becoming a Python backend developer, one needs to have basic knowledge and understanding of the Python programming language.

If you are a beginner, then also there is nothing to worry about because Python is one of the easiest programming languages and there are plenty of highly effective and affordable courses available on Coursera or Udemy to start your preparation.

Once you learn and understand the fundamentals and the syntax of the Python language, then you are ready for the web development part.

Knowledge of Frontend framework or technologies

It’s a popularly known fact that if you have knowledge of easy or basic things, then eventually you will be able to do the complicated stuff.

So, if you know the frontend framework, then it will be very easy for you to work with backend frameworks and as a backend developer.

You need to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which comes under the frontend frameworks because sometimes backend developers have to with the frontend technologies as well.

Also, if you have knowledge of both frontend and backend frameworks, then you can also become a full-stack developer.

Backend Frameworks in Python

There are mostly two types of Python backend frameworks which you can use for web development:


It is an easy to learn micro framework as compared to the other one (which is, Django). There is no need of using any specific libraries in this framework. Flask is comparatively simple and hence recommended to learn first before Django.


Django is a free, open-source, and popular Python backend framework that is even used by NASA for making their projects. Since it requires certain steps to create applicatons, so it is a bit tough to learn than Flask.

Django has a built-in admin interface which is considered a key feature of Django because it saves a lot of time while creating projects and you need not create an admin interface by yourself.

I recommend you to not skip learning Django as it is very important and the mainly used Python web framework. Plus, there are plenty of job opportunities for Django developers as compared to the Flask developers.

Basic knowledge of database management concepts

You need to have knowledge of database concepts because while dealing with backend frameworks; you have to deal with the database as well. So, you can learn basic database technologies Sqlite3, MongoDB, and MySQL.

You just need to follow all these points to be a successful Python backend developer.

I will provide you a brief roadmap as well so that it will be much easier for you to start your journey of becoming an effective Python backend developer.

Roadmap for becoming a Python backend developer

  • Learn basics of Python, such as basic data structure concepts, functions, file handling, and all other such things.
  • Master yourself in frameworks, frontend technologies, database management concepts, and ORM libraries of Python.
  • Build projects in Python using Django and Flask.
  • Practice and make yourself strong in technical and communication skills.

Once you finishing learning all the above things and feel confident, then you can start applying for jobs as a Python backend developer at your dream companies. What can you do after learning Python, There is an ocean of opportunities for you if you are confident enough with your skills. So, just take your first step for your journey of becoming a Python backend developer and start learning.

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