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One Month Review – Is worth it?

People seek online courses, offline classes, and many more stuff to learn programming but not ended up getting the right and perfect platform for them. So, in this post, we have one right platform for learning programming and see deference in one month. Here is our one-month review.

TLDR: Is Worth It?

For those who just started coding, is definitely worth it.

The best way to know more about the platform is by taking their 3-days free-trail course.

By breaking down the whole learning process into small day-by-day chunks, the platform offers a great way to learn coding in a fun and interesting way and builds an understanding of fundamentals. Also, once you complete your course from One Month, you will be having a great set of coding skills and you will be confident enough to dive into an advanced and immerse coding environment.

What is One month?

One Month is an online coding platform or more like an online coding school that provides multiple courses such as JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and many more in such a way that it even makes coding seem easy for non-programmers too. As the name suggests, the platform helps you in learning software development skills in only a month or even less than that.

one month

This platform is the best place to learn programming for beginners which aims to close the skills gap by providing non-programmers opportunities to learn hands-on coding and job skills.

Features of One Month Platform – One Month Review

  • Video tutorials of lectures are also available with 1-on-1 human support.
  • Learners will get a ‘certificate of completion’ once they complete their enrolled course.
  • It provides courses not only related to coding but basics of computer, computer programming, hacking, startup, content marketing, blockchain, and business courses as well.

Courses on One Month

One month platform has various sections for almost 20 courses like

  • Programming for Non-Programmers
  • HTML & CSS
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Word Press
  • JQuery
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • JavaScript
  • Growth Hacking
  • Product Management
  • Goal Setting Workshops
  • Command Line Basic
  • Storytelling for Business
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Startup
  • Content Marketing
  • Project management
  • Responsive Design
  • 7-Days Course for Coding

Pricing and Free Trial at One Month

One Month’s annual plan is for $299 which provides the user access to all of its courses, along with five boot camp courses that come with proper 1-on-1 coaching, certification, and accurate grading.

If you are undecided about purchasing the annual plan, then you can also go with Free Trial for 3 days where you can access all the courses for a specific period for free.

You will get on-demand video lessons, fun and interesting assignments as directed by your instructor which represents the core of the course and you can watch the video lectures and take the assignments as per your convenient schedule.


For boosting your confidence, you will get plenty of assignments and projects to work on during your period of courses.

Check Courses on OneMonth

You will get the chance of working on mini-challenges such as debugging the codes or building small-basic projects.

You will also get the chance of building a pandas project and a final project where you will get an API and a chance to write a python script to access the data.

You will be asked to submit your assignments at the end of each module in every course and then you will get proper feedback from any assigned guide or mentor.

PROs and CONs of


  • With over a good number of students, 80,000, One Month claims that 80% of the students, who start the boot camp courses, complete the entire course and get the certification.
  • 1-on-1 human guidance and support for every student.
  • The performance report is provided regularly and weekly project reviews for the assignments and courses by your guides or mentors.


  • On comparing to platforms such as Team Treehouse and Lynda, course options are limited.
  • One Month is mainly made for newbies who eagerly want to indulge themselves in coding. So, if you are an intermediate or advanced programmer, then this platform might not be suitable for you. review – Is Educative Worth it?

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